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7 inch color visual hands-free extension

7 inch color visual hands-free extension
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  • CT3 Model CT3
  • 威玛 Weimar
  • 生产商 Manufacturer nature
  • 深圳市 Location Shenzhen

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Product Introduction
7-inch color visual hands-free extension: smart voice two-way transmission; operation prompts; multiple appearance options; man-machine dialogue function; ringtone; opening the door;

7-inch color visual hands-free extension product features:

智能语音双向传输 1. Two-way transmission of intelligent voice ;

操作提示音 2. Operation prompt sound ;

可选;( 7寸彩色可视免提分机哪家好 3, a variety of appearances are optional; ( 7-inch color visual hands-free extension which is better )

人机对话功能 4. Human-machine dialogue function ;

和旋铃声 5. Hexuan ringtones ;

开门 6, open the door ;

监视单元主机 7. Monitoring unit host ;

彩色7寸超高亮LED背光液晶屏 8, color 7 -inch ultra-bright LED backlight LCD screen ;

9, resolution 1048 * 234;

10. Alarm function is optional.

11. Fashion models. 7寸彩色可视免提分机哪家好 ( 7-inch color video hands-free extension which is better )


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