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Three factors restrict the "stability" of the building intercom system

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Since the rapid development of building intercom industry, there have been thousands of manufacturers, and the industry's product development line has been relatively clear: non-visual intercom-black and white visual intercom-color visual intercom-home intelligent terminal. From the current point of view, video intercom products have developed rapidly and have occupied a large share of the domestic building intercom product market. Non-visual intercom products have gradually lost their market due to the loss of price advantages and their increasingly single functions. .
The concept of digital intercom was proposed relatively early. In the past few years, digital intercom products have been in an awkward situation of "not tepid." Real estate developers have been waiting and hesitating. As the IP trend of the entire security market has become clearer, this situation has been reversed, and years of market cultivation have begun to bear fruit. At present, digital product technology has improved, and product stability, practicality, and reliability have gained market recognition. test,
And it has overturned the simple functions such as single call and unlocking of the building intercom in the past, and has played a more outstanding and prominent functional advantage. Although the cost is relatively high, it has ushered in a rapid growth period and is very important in the industrialization This step has been applied in many projects in the market.
There are three factors restricting the "stability" of the building intercom system, namely points, lines, and areas.
"Dots" represent building intercom products, including main units, extensions, floor switches, networking switches, etc. The core technology and quality control of the products are the keys to the stability of the system. "Wire" refers to the system's cables and wiring. At present, most building intercom products use traditional video cables and signal cables. Not only are the cables more expensive and the construction is more troublesome, they are easily affected by environmental factors during the transmission process. , Affecting the stability of the system. "Face" refers to the networking of the entire building intercom system. The stability of the networking performance is even more important for the stability of the building intercom system. Especially in large-scale community networking, the core technology of networking has an important impact on the stability of the entire building intercom system.
Reliability: Reliability reflects the ability of the system to provide continuous services, which can be measured by the mean time between failures, the longer the mean time between failures, the better.
Operation and maintenance services: Operation and maintenance services mainly include the warranty period of each product in the system, whether spare parts are provided, fault response time and maintenance staff arrival time, system inspection cycle and maintenance report.

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