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Xibang Broadcasting Public Broadcasting-Campus Broadcasting-Digital IP Network Broadcasting-Conference System | Public Broadcasting System

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【a brief introdction】

Product function description: XBPA-150A
2 microphones, 2 audio sources input, one auxiliary audio source output;
Advanced aluminum panel with advanced titanium polishing process;
Strong priority function, easy to insert priority broadcast;
Automatic detection and protection function of short circuit, overheating and overload, buzzer alarm;
Output 100V, 70V, 4-16Ω;
LCD large screen display;
Microcomputer digital volume adjustment;
Increase the volume at startup (to avoid damage to the speaker due to impact);
10-bit AD microphone acquisition;
Power output: 150W.

【Detailed description】

、无人值班广播系统*智能控制设备,将系统的全部控制功能集于一机; 1. Unmanned broadcast system * intelligent control equipment, which integrates all the control functions of the system into one machine;

、按广播要求编入程序,设备将自动运行,实施定时开、关机、自动播放等功能; 2. Program according to the requirements of broadcasting, the equipment will run automatically, and implement functions such as timed on, off, and automatic playback;

、实现同步广播、对点广播、分区寻呼、紧急广播功能; 3. Realize the functions of synchronous broadcasting, point-to-point broadcasting, partition paging, and emergency broadcasting;

10 路矩阵信号控制,随心所欲管理各分区音乐信号、寻呼广播、报警等; 4. 10 matrix signal control, manage the music signal, paging broadcast, alarm, etc. of each district as you like;

、断电时主机自动保存程序,来电自动恢复并运行默认程序,超强记忆功能; 5 , the host automatically saves the program when the power is off, automatically restores the incoming call and runs the default program, strong memory function;

、系统主机具有强大的扩展功能,可搭配不同设备,实现多种个性需求 6. The system host has powerful expansion functions, which can be matched with different devices to achieve a variety of personal needs.

、强大的编程自动控制功能,可触发报警信号发生器、电源时序器等系统设备; 7 , powerful programming automatic control function, can trigger alarm signal generator, power sequencer and other system equipment;

、驳接消防联动报警接口,能自动强行插入灾害性广播; 8. Connect to the fire alarm linkage alarm interface, which can automatically insert a catastrophic broadcast;

LCD 大屏幕液晶显示屏,图形化界面,操作简单方便; 9. Large LCD screen with graphic interface and simple and convenient operation;

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