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NGM-219YTG Auto Block Telescopic Hydraulic Column
Auto blocking telescopic hydraulic column
price $ 4800 $ 4600
order amount 2 30 units
  • NGM-219YTG Model NGM-219YTG
  • 尼高迈 Nicoma
  • 生产商 Manufacturer nature
  • 佛山市 Foshan City

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【a brief introdction】
The auto-retractable hydraulic column of the car is welded by 304 GB stainless steel 6mm (customizable). It has high load-bearing and anti-collision capabilities. The device is buried in the driveway or the designated position of the gate. The vehicle is restricted by the instructions of the watchman. Traffic.

Description of auto-resistance hydraulic telescopic column assembly:
The hydraulic column system is mainly composed of four parts: a lifting column, a hydraulic motor, an embedded protection barrel, and a main control box:
、柱体:采用 304 国标不锈钢 6mm 组成(可定制)焊接而成,具有高强的承重和抗撞能力;该装置埋设在车道上或大门的指定位置,通过值班人员的指令限制车辆通行。 1. Cylinder: Welding is made of 304 GB stainless steel 6mm (customizable), which has high strength and impact resistance; the device is buried in the lane or the designated position of the gate, and the vehicle is restricted by the instructions of the watchman.
、液压电机:主要由防水电机及液压系统组成,每台柱体独立控制,停电可遥控落下立柱。 2.Hydraulic motor: It is mainly composed of waterproof motor and hydraulic system. Each column is controlled independently. The power can be dropped by remote control.
、主控箱系统:控制系统:微电脑控制部分:控制主板、漏电开关、变压器、储备电池、可联动自动升起(增加地感线圈车过柱起) 3 , the main control box system: control system: microcomputer control part: control motherboard, leakage switch, transformer, reserve battery, can be linked to automatically rise (increasing the ground sense coil car after the column)
Technical parameters of auto telescopic hydraulic column
、系统控制:液压全自动驱动 1. System control: hydraulic automatic drive
、通过压力:可承重 ±100 吨以上货柜车。 2. Passing pressure: It can bear container trucks with a load of ± 100 tons or more.
、防撞等级: K6 3. Anti-collision level: K6
、防护等级:可达 IP68 (防雨、防潮、防尘)。 4 , protection level: up to IP68 (rain, moisture, dust).
、供电电源: 220V 5. Power supply: 220V
、上升时间: 4S 6. Rise time: 4S
、下降时间: 3S 7. Falling time: 3S
、工作温度: -25 ~75 (适合)。 8. Working temperature: -25 ~ 75 (suitable).
、存储环境: -10 ~75 9. Storage environment: -10 ~ 75 .
、颜色:不锈钢本色(标配),多种颜色的反射贴膜 / 可加装 LED 指示灯(可选)。 10 , color: stainless steel (standard), multiple colors of reflective film / can be installed with LED indicators (optional).
、柱体材质: 304 不锈钢(标配),碳素钢电泳漆喷塑可选。 11 , column material: 304 stainless steel (standard), carbon steel electrophoretic paint spray optional.
、升降柱规格( mm ):长 380× 380× 1090, 升降高度 600mm 12 , lifting column specifications ( mm ): length 380 × width 380 × height 1090, lifting height 600mm .
、升降柱直径 (mm) 219mm ;升降柱体厚度 6mm (可根据客户需求定制 8 10 12 )。 13. Diameter of lifting column (mm) : 219mm ; thickness of lifting column is 6mm (can be customized according to customer needs 8 , 10 , 12 ).
、控制方式(可选):遥控、手动、门禁刷卡,蓝牙刷卡、车牌识别与门禁联动、远程控制。 14. Control method (optional): remote control, manual, access control card, Bluetooth card, license plate recognition and access control linkage, remote control.
、可配车辆检测器、地感线圈。 15 , can be equipped with vehicle detectors, ground sense coils.
、重量: 120kg 16. Weight: 120kg

优势有以下几点: The advantages of hydraulic columns are as follows:
液压柱具有起升速度快,防撞的特性,可线控和远程遥控,并可通过计算机实现程序化控制 ( 正常情况下升起路柱可阻止车辆通行,遇消防事件可降下路柱 ); 1.Hydraulic column has the characteristics of fast lifting speed and anti-collision. It can be controlled by wire and remotely. It can also be programmed by computer. );
它适用于高频度高安全车辆进出场所。 2. It is suitable for high-frequency and high-safety vehicles entering and leaving places. LED 发光管又可作为景观设计的一部分,从而提升物业的整体档次和形象。 In addition to replacing traditional barrier equipment, it can also improve the safety of the protected place, and its underground design will not destroy the overall style of the building complex. The integrated LED light-emitting tube can also be used as part of the landscape design. So as to enhance the overall grade and image of the property.
安装方便坚固耐用,结构简单、开关方便、式样美观、不锈钢材质经久耐用,恒亮如新 ; 3. Convenient and durable installation, simple structure, convenient switch, beautiful appearance, durable stainless steel material, constant bright as new ;
自动路柱防撞功能足以抵制机动车辆冲撞 ; 4.Automatic collision avoidance function is sufficient to resist the collision of motor vehicles ;
实行一车一位、对号停放的自助管理模式。 5. Carry out a self-service management model with one car and one parking number.
无须专职保管员。 6. No full-time custodian is required. Parking lock can effectively prevent your parking space from being occupied by other vehicles.
车辆停放有次有序,整整齐齐、清爽统一、美观大方。 7. The vehicles are parked in orderly, neat, neat, uniform and beautiful.

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