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Project example: [Anhui Baihu Bindong Supervision District] hydraulic intelligent anti-terrorism vehicle blocking pile

2019/12/14 Reading (350)

[Anhui Baihubin East Supervision District] Hydraulic intelligent anti-terrorism blocking vehicle lifting pile

Lifting pile, also known as lifting column, lifting ground column, lifting road pile, anti-collision road pile, hydraulic lifting column, isolation pile, etc. Everyday on the road, you can see all kinds of safety equipment is it. Different facilities to manage pedestrian traffic, protect critical infrastructure, set perimeters, and differentiate roads. Lifting columns are used in many places such as urban transportation, gates and surroundings of important state organs, pedestrian streets, highway toll stations, airports, schools, banks, large clubs, and parking lots.

、结构优异,其重点部位液压单位与机器动力机构,可有效地将机器能通报给液压驱动单位,升降速度快。 1. Excellent structure. The hydraulic unit and machine power mechanism of its key parts can effectively notify the machine to the hydraulic drive unit, and the lifting speed is fast.

、宁静可靠,当遇停电等告急环境时,可手运开启告急降落,升降柱体可降落,以开放通道,放行车辆,运行稳固可靠。 2. Quiet and reliable, when emergency situations such as power outages occur, it can be turned on by hand to initiate an emergency landing, and the lifting column can be lowered to open the passage and release the vehicle, which is stable and reliable.

、经济实惠也是升降桩作用之一,环保节能,妨碍率低,使用寿命长,降低了维护成本。 3. Economic benefits are also one of the functions of lifting piles, environmental protection and energy saving, low obstruction rate, long service life, and reduced maintenance costs.

、控制单元接纳多功效逻辑控制器,可以调制多种控制模式,以满意用户在功效上的需求。 4. The control unit adopts a multi-effect logic controller, which can modulate multiple control modes to satisfy the user's needs in terms of efficacy.

、快速清静起落时间可达3秒的升降路障,这一点难能难得。 5. Rising and descending barricades with fast quiet take-off and landing time of up to 3 seconds are rare. Because it adopts the hydraulic drive unit, it acts softly and quietly, and solves the problem that the traditional pneumatic landing column is noisy due to the air pump.

With the increasing fear of the situation, the protection of sensitive areas of buildings becomes important. Lifting columns are being accepted by more and more users due to their safety and aesthetics.

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