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The necessity of installing anti-collision lifting piles at the entrance of campus!

2019/12/14 Reading (1622)

Campus is the key protection object in the operation of Fan Terror. Students are the future of the country. Ensuring that they have a good safety atmosphere has always been a key issue for advancement departments. Opinions on the construction of a primary school kindergarten's safety risk prevention and control system, through policy documents, explicitly required the campus to install fan riot equipment such as lifting columns.
In the past, the barrier pillars used to block vehicles at the entrance and exit were fixed and immovable, with a large volume and a large floor area. They often blocked vehicles and also blocked pedestrian traffic. The emergence of new safety anti-collision lifting piles can control the pillars through lifting, which can effectively control the traffic at the school gate and block the vehicles entering and leaving the campus. The school lifting and blocking piles can also free up a large area for pedestrians to come and go. Not only that, the campus safety hydraulic lifting pile is also equipped with LED warning lights on the top of the column, which can warn pedestrians to be careful when moving up and down. The school's lifting and blocking car columns and safety lifting piles set up the first line of security for the campus.
Nicoma safety anti-collision lifting pile
1.Sealed and waterproof design, simple installation and low construction cost;
2.The hydraulic lifting column is made of 304 stainless steel, which is buried in the ground, anti-corrosion and rust, and has a longer service life;
3.Various control methods (remote control, remote control, Bluetooth, license plate recognition, etc.);
4. After the power failure, the road pile can be lowered manually through the backup power.

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