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Rail reflow line welding

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【a brief introdction】

Rail reflow line welding adopts rapid exothermic welding technology. Among them, our exothermic welding technology is in the leading position in the world, and its quality is equal to the quality of imported foreign products. Its technology is in the leading position in China. Practical operation experience, consultation and inspection of our company, welcome your arrival.

【Detailed description】

Rail reflow line welding

钢轨回流线焊接 利用铝热焊剂燃烧后的放热反应使与轨腰相接触的回流导体熔化,局部达到1100℃以上的高温(铜的熔点为1080℃),被熔化的回流导体(铜芯电缆)与相接触的轨腰表面金属形成冶金熔接。 1. Rail reflow line welding uses the exothermic reaction of the aluminizing flux to burn the reflow conductor in contact with the rail waist, locally reaching a high temperature of more than 110 ° C (the melting point of copper is 1080 ° C). Copper core cable) forms metallurgical welds with the metal on the surface of the contacting rail waist.
2, The welding area on the rail is small, and the thermal impact on the rail is small. The temperature rise of the rail does not exceed 30 ° C, which avoids stress damage to the rail during welding.
3. It is easier to control the quality of the implementation at the site. After the implementation, the cable and the rail are firmly connected, which is conducive to the smooth return of the rail, thereby suppressing the increase in rail potential and ensuring the normal and safe operation of the subway.
4. The contact resistance of the welding point is less than 25μΩ, the operation is convenient, the tensile strength is greater than 1500N, there are no air holes, and the rails are not damaged. It has passed the authoritative identification of the Institute of Materials of the Chinese Academy of Sciences .

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