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Anti-dew point corrosion air preheater

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【a brief introdction】

Anti-dew-point corrosion air preheater is an important equipment for energy saving and consumption reduction in heating furnaces of oil refineries. Through the heat exchange between high-temperature flue gas in the furnace and the air used for combustion, the purpose of reducing the exhaust temperature and increasing the air temperature, and thus improving the thermal efficiency Reduce fuel consumption and emissions of harmful gases (such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, etc.). However, too low smoke exhaust temperature will cause equipment dew point corrosion and reduce the life of the air pre-heater.

【Detailed description】

性能比较 Performance comparison of dew point corrosion air preheater

Heat transfer performance

Investment cost

Corrosion resistance

Maintenance performance

Operation cycle

Tube type air preheater






Heat pipe air preheater






Water heat medium air pre-heater






Plate type air preheater






Rotary air preheater






As can be seen from the table above, various air preheaters have their own unique aspects and have no absolute advantages. In response to this phenomenon, the company has developed a dew point corrosion resistant air preheater that can control the exhaust temperature at the dew point temperature. Below, maintenance-free, long-term efficient operation, the country has just entered the initial stage, and has applied for inventions.


1 . Fe 原子,失去了露点腐蚀的动力,因此从根本上解决了露点腐蚀。 Resistance to dew point corrosion: Since there are no Fe atoms on the surface of the heat exchange tube , the power of dew point corrosion is lost, so the dew point corrosion is fundamentally solved.

2 . 30% 以上,加上强化传热,比起一般管束式空气预热器可提高 20% 左右。 High heat transfer performance; enhanced heat transfer technology using spoilers in outer fins. Compared with enamel tubes and glass tube air preheaters, the heat transfer efficiency is increased by more than 30% . In addition to enhanced heat transfer, compared with ordinary tube bundle air The preheater can be increased by about 20% .

3 250 °以上区域采用翅片管,低温区域采用光管,抑制了低温区域灰垢的积累。 It is not easy to accumulate ash; the finned tube is used in the area above 250 °, and the light tube is used in the low temperature area, which suppresses the accumulation of dust in the low temperature area.

4 . 50% 以上,可任意放置在炉顶、地面。 Compact structure; Compared with cast iron, enamel tube, water heat medium air pre-heater, the volume and weight are reduced by more than 50% , and it can be placed on the furnace roof and the floor at will.

5 . Low pressure drop: The enhancement of the heat transfer effect leads to a reduction in the volume of the air pre-heater, which in turn reduces the heat exchange area, which reduces the pressure drop on the air side and the flue gas side. It is not necessary to replace the existing fan.

6 . High cost-effectiveness of investment: Compared with other types of air preheaters, because of its long service life and light weight, the one-time investment is small and the cost-effectiveness is super high.

  Technical and economic indicators:

  1. 12 年以上; Preheater service life is more than 12 years;
  2. 110 The exhaust temperature is reduced to 110 ;
  3. The payback period is within one year.

  Performance test

The Chinese Academy of Sciences was commissioned to conduct a corrosion test on the heat transfer tube of the anti-corrosion air preheater. The results are as follows:

Except for a small amount of salt scale on the surface of the sample, there is no obvious change; compared with the traditional air preheater steel pipe, the relative corrosion rate is significantly reduced.

Corrosion performance test :

Polarization curve of this product in 10% H2SO4


/mAa/cm2 Dimensional blunt current / mAa / cm2

/ mAa/cm2 Corrosion current / mAa / cm2

/-Mv Corrosion potential / -Mv

/g/m2 Corrosion rate per hour / g / m2

Relative corrosion rate

Anti-dew point air pre-heater






Ordinary air preheater






中电化学测试结果 Electrochemical test results in 10% H2SO4

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