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Copper-plated round steel ground wire

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【a brief introdction】

Copper-plated round steel-Copper-plated round wire is suitable for grounding lightning protection under different soil humidity, temperature, pH value and resistivity changes. It is often used as a lightning protection strip for roof daughter walls, vertical ground lead-in, lead-down, and horizontal ground connection.

【Detailed description】

Copper-plated round steel-Copper-plated round steel ground wire has excellent corrosion resistance. Because the copper-steel bonding interface is welded at high temperature, there will be no residue on the bonding surface and no corrosion phenomenon; the surface copper layer is thicker (average thickness is greater than (Equivalent to 0.254mm), strong corrosion resistance, longer service life than 50 years, can greatly reduce the intensity of maintenance labor.

Copper-plated round steel-copper-plated round steel grounding wire is suitable for the general environment and the special environment of humid, saline, acidic soil, and special environments where chemically corrosive media are generated, such as high-level working grounding, protective grounding, lightning protection grounding, and antistatic grounding Grounding body. The mechanical properties of electroplated copper-clad steel are more excellent. It is recommended that the thickness of the copper layer be increased for those with severe corrosion.
Copper plated round steel has the high strength of existing steel, It also has excellent elasticity, large thermal resistance and high magnetic permeability, as well as good electrical conductivity and excellent corrosion resistance of copper. It adopts copper electroplating process: high-purity electrolytic copper is completely adhered to On the steel core, an alloyed molecular structure is formed on the copper-steel interface, and the bimetal interface is fully bonded, thereby achieving a ductile metallurgical connection between copper and steel and forming a whole.
Copper-plated round steel-- Electroplating production technology is used to achieve the high combination of copper and steel. The surface copper layer is composed of 99.99% electrolytic copper molecules, which not only overcomes the disadvantages of the primary battery reaction existing in the sleeve production process, but also solves the lack of purity of the copper layer and hot and cold copper surface on the surface. And so on.

2.Excellent corrosion resistance

The copper layer on the surface of the material is thick and is 99.99% of electrolytic copper molecules, with an average thickness of more than 0.25mm, so it has strong corrosion resistance and a service life of more than 50 years.

3. Better conductivity

The copper-plated round wire ground wire is composed of 99.99% of electrolytic copper molecules, so it has excellent conductivity and its resistance is far lower than that of conventional materials.

4.Wide range of use

The product is suitable for soil conditions with different humidity, temperature and pH values.

5. Safe and fast installation

Copper-plated round steel- complete accessories, using a special connection pipe or Enron hot-melt solder connection, the joint is firm, easy to install, greatly improving the construction efficiency.

6. Reduced construction costs

Compared with the traditional grounding with pure copper material, the cost is greatly reduced.

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