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Φ17.2x2.5m copper-plated ground rod (plated copper ground rod) price offer

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【a brief introdction】

Steel plated ground rods (plated copper ground rods) are equipped with coaxial connectors, drive heads and drill bits. According to different geological and application requirements, it can be connected by using brass coaxial connectors (connection bolts), and the length of the cast copper ground rod can be arbitrarily increased. The head end is connected with a driving head (connecting bolt) for impact when the rod is deepened. The end is connected with a special drill bit (connection bolt) to facilitate the deepening of the rod.

【Detailed description】

Copper-clad steel ground rod--copper-plated ground rod--plated copper ground rod-vertical ground rod-copper-clad steel ground electrode

"I" copper-plated ground rod uses special electroforming technology to uniformly cover 99.9% pure copper on the low-carbon steel core, so that the copper and the steel core are completely molecularly bonded (if the two are not tightly connected, under the condition of electricity , Will produce a primary battery reaction, the anode metal iron oxidation reaction into iron ion loss, but will accelerate the corrosion of the steel core). It has the characteristics of copper layer thickness (above 0.25 mm), good adhesion, non-stripping (rollable thread can be rolled) and so on. Its advantages are high tensile strength (up to 600 Newtons per square millimeter), strong corrosion resistance (which can guarantee a service life of more than 50 years), constant low resistance and good plasticity, and it has the same performance as copper and Both steel properties .
  《二》. Technical advantages of copper-clad steel ground rod

1. Unique manufacturing process: The domestic * electroforming production process is adopted to achieve the molecular bonding between copper and steel. It can be arbitrarily drawn like a single metal without disjointing, peeling and cracking.

2. Excellent anti-corrosion characteristics: the compound interface adopts molecular bonding, no residue, and the bonding surface will not corrode; strong corrosion resistance, long service life (greater than 30 years), reducing maintenance labor intensity.

3. Better electrical performance: The excellent conductivity of the copper material on the surface layer makes its resistance value much lower than that of conventional materials.

4. Wide practicality: This product is suitable for ground construction under different conditions of soil humidity, temperature, pH value and resistivity change.

5. The connection is safe and reliable: using a special connecting pipe or using hot-melt welding, the joint is firm and stable.

6. Easy and fast installation: complete accessories and convenient installation, which can effectively improve the construction speed.

7. Improve the grounding depth: special connection transmission method can penetrate 35 meters underground to meet the requirements of low resistance value in special occasions.

8. Low construction cost: Compared with the traditional construction method using pure copper ground rods and ground straps, the cost is greatly reduced.

《三》. Main technical parameters of copper-clad steel ground rod

1.The thickness of the copper layer is ≥0.25mm

2.Tensile strength ≥600N / mm2

3.Flatness error≤1mm / m

4. Copper layer plasticity: When the ground rod (line) is bent at 90 degrees, there is no crack on the inner and outer edges of the corner.

5. Bonding degree of copper layer: After the adhesion test, except for the copper layer peeling off at the jaw bite of the vise jaw, the other parts of the copper and steel bond well, and no peeling occurs.

《四》. Application of copper-clad steel ground rod

The copper-plated steel ground rod grounding material is suitable for general environments and special environments where chemical corrosion clips and media are generated in humid, saline, acidic soils. It is widely used in power plants, substations, transmission line towers, communication bases, airports, railways, and subways. Station, various high-rise buildings, microwave relay stations, Wanglou machine room, petrochemical plant, oil storage, etc. lightning protection grounding, static discharge grounding, protective grounding, working grounding, etc.

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