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Copper-plated steel flat steel prices

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【a brief introdction】

Copper-plated flat steel is made of electrolytic copper with a purity of more than 99.9% on low-carbon steel by the world's electroplating technology. The thickness of each point of the copper-plated layer is 0.1mm or more. Specific application: used for equipment grounding down conductor, ground The horizontal grounding conductor of the network, the cable trench and the horizontal grounding conductor of the pole tower provide neat and convenient wiring.

【Detailed description】

The copper-clad flat steel, the predecessor of copper-plated flat steel, uses advanced coating and welding manufacturing technology to concentrically coat high-quality copper tape on the outer surface of core wires such as steel rods or steel wires, and to form a solid layer between the copper layer and the core wire. Interatomic metallurgical bonding. Combining two different metal materials into an inseparable whole, which can be drawn and annealed like a single wire. During the drawing process, copper and steel are reduced in proportion, and the volume ratio of the copper layer remains relatively constant. change. Its advantages are that the copper layer can be very thick and the copper layer is uniform. Its disadvantages are that it is easy to bend, peel, crack, and easily peel off the copper layer. Based on this, the introduction of American electroplating copper production technology to produce copper plating The advent of flat steel and copper-plated flat steel products has solved this problem and has been widely used in infrastructure construction of major substations, power plants, railways, and airports.
Compared with other horizontal ground conductors, copper-plated flat steel has a huge advantage: it is cheap. Although the unit price of copper-plated flat steel is higher than that of galvanized steel, its current conduction capacity and service life are stronger than that of galvanized steel. Because copper-plated flat steel has higher current conduction capacity than galvanized steel, the same drainage capacity and ground resistance must be achieved in the same grounding project. The use of copper-plated flat steel is less than galvanized steel. Comprehensive comparison of the cost of copper plated flat steel and steel grounding system in the same grounding project.
From a long-term comparison, the service life of the grounding system using copper-plated flat steel is as long as 40 years, while that of the grounding system using galvanized steel is only 15 years. Grounding systems using galvanized steel are excavated for maintenance and retrofit every few years. Retrofitting a grounding system is more expensive and time consuming than building a new ground. In the long run, the cost of copper-plated flat steel is lower than that of galvanized steel.
Introduction of copper-plated flat steel: 1. Using electroplating production technology to achieve a high degree of copper and steel combination. The surface copper layer is composed of 99.99% electrolytic copper molecules, which not only overcomes the disadvantages of the primary battery reaction existing in the sleeve production process, but also solves the lack of purity of the copper layer and hot and cold copper surface on the surface. And so on.

2. Excellent anti-corrosion performance: The material shows that the copper layer is thick and is 99.99% of electrolytic copper molecules, with an average thickness of more than 0.25mm, so it has strong corrosion resistance and a service life of more than 50 years.

3. Better conductivity: As the surface copper layer is composed of 99.99% of electrolytic copper molecules, it has excellent conductivity and its own resistance is far lower than that of conventional materials.

4. Wider range of application: This product is suitable for soil conditions with different humidity, temperature and pH values.

5. Safe and fast installation: complete accessories, using special connection clamps or using hot-melt flux, exothermic welding connection, firm joints, convenient installation, greatly improving construction efficiency.

6. Reduced construction cost: Compared with the traditional grounding with pure copper material, the cost is greatly reduced.

Specifications for copper-plated flat steel

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Ground Wire (flat

Flat line

Product Name

Model No.



25 * 4


30 * 3


40 * 4


50 * 5


60 * 6


80 * 8

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