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Residential high-end swing gate

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  • Residential high-end swing gate

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  • BOV-2160 Model BOV-2160
  • 宝维智能 Baowei Smart
  • 生产商 Manufacturer nature
  • 深圳市 Location Shenzhen

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Product introduction

Baowei Intelligent Speed Gate Swing Gate is a high-end technology product for intelligent management of personnel channels. This product uses industrial-grade circuit control system and humanized scientific mechanical transmission design. This product has stable performance, complete functions, humanized design and high grade. It is mainly used in high-end and concentrated places such as subways, terminals, clubs, intelligent buildings, villa communities, and hotel lobby. (High-end swing gate in residential area)

Detailed introduction

Main functions and features

2.1 Standard product features:
★ It can be connected with a variety of card reading equipment and receive the relay switch signal to work.
★ External switch button or remote control can be used to realize one-way or two-way control traffic.
★ With automatic reset function, when the swing arm is opened, it automatically closes after a certain delay (the delay can be adjusted to 2S, 5S, 10S, 60S).
★ Mechanical anti-pinch: mainly rely on the proper design of the brake's own machinery to achieve mechanical anti-pinch. When the human body or object hinders the swing arm operation, the system will automatically detect and stop the operation. Or something.
★ Humanized self-protection: ( High-end swing gate in residential area )
A. When the human body or object obstructs the swing arm operation, the system detects 1-5 times continuously for 5 seconds each time. If the obstacle has not been removed, the system automatically stops in the normally closed state. At this time, some devices are in the sleep state, which effectively prevents Burn out the original device. When the next valid pass instruction is received, the system automatically returns to normal.
B. When the system cannot detect the reset signal normally (that is, the swing arm hits the chassis), the system automatically detects 1-5 times, 5 seconds each time. If the reset signal cannot be detected, the swing arm automatically returns to the normal lock state . (Description of this protection function: Even if the reset photocouple is damaged, the system can still be used, and the circuit or motor will never be burned out.)
★ Switching speed is adjustable from 0.8 to 2 seconds: It can be divided into 16 gears, and the switching speed can be freely adjusted according to requirements.
★ Normally open, normally closed adjustable: It is easy to switch between normally open and normally closed mode through external buttons or remote control.
★ Normally open after power failure. After power failure, the system will automatically open the swing arm, and the swing arm opening direction can be adjusted.
★ High-brightness indicator: can be clearly visible in daylight or sunlight.
★ Humanized traffic instructions: usually infrared forbidden lights, the green arrow flashes when someone is legally passing, and it will automatically resume after the passage.
★ The swing arm can be adjusted synchronously (for double swing).

2.2 Scalable functions:
1) Sound and light alarm function, including illegal intrusion alarm, anti-pinch alarm, etc .;
2) Infrared anti-pinching, logical judgment, automatic reset function;
3) Counting function (forward and reverse subtraction);
4) The swing arm is lengthened or shortened.

3. Main structure and configuration (counted by single unit)
1 stainless steel case, 2 plexiglass swing arms, 1 main control board, 3 limit switches, 1 power supply, 1 motor, 1 set of movement and transmission part.

4.Standard technical parameters
★ Chassis size: 1400 length * 190 width * 980 height (MM)
★ Channel width: 600mm (standard), can be lengthened or shortened appropriately ★ Weight: about 45Kg
★ Swing arm transmission angle: 180 degrees ★ Case material and manufacturing process: GB 304 stainless steel plate, cutting, cutting, bending, welding, grinding, polishing, etc. ★ Access voltage: AC220 ± 10% V, 50HZ
★ Drive motor: DC motor 50W / 24V
★ No faults (swinging times): 5 million times
★ Motor speed: 1600 rpm / min ★ LED indicator: 1-2 ★ Passing speed: 40 people / minute (normally open), 25-30 people / minute (normally closed)
★ Gate opening and closing time: 1-2 seconds ★ Time required to enter traffic after power-on: 3 seconds ★ Auto reset time after failure: 10 seconds ★ Working environment: indoor, outdoor (recommended to use a canopy)
★ Adaptive temperature: Temperature: -30 ℃ —— 80 ℃
★ Adapted humidity: Humidity: 5%-90%

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