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Scenic ticket wing gate manufacturers

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Product introduction

Baowei Scenic Ticket Wing Gate has automatic reset and anti-trailing functions. After the gate is opened, the system will automatically cancel the user ’s permission to pass this time when it has not passed within the specified time. After normal traffic, the telescopic arm closed quickly and could not follow. (Scenic ticket wing gate manufacturer)

Detailed introduction


1) With fault self-test and alarm prompt function, easy for user maintenance and use;
2) The operating status of the device can be programmed online through the built-in small push-panel on the main control board;
3) Infrared / mechanical dual anti-pinch function, when it encounters resistance during the resetting of the telescopic boom, it will automatically bounce or the motor will automatically stop working within a specified time, and the intensity is very small, and the sound and light alarm signal is issued;
4) Sound alarm function (optional light alarm), including illegal break-in alarm and anti-pinch alarm;
5) Anti-shock function, the telescopic arm is automatically locked when no opening signal is received;
6) Telescopic boom synchronization function; ( Scenic ticket gate wing gate manufacturer )
7) With automatic reset and anti-following functions, the system will automatically cancel the user ’s permission to pass this time after the gate is opened, and the standard is automatically reset within 5-10 seconds after opening; the telescope will retract after normal passage The arm closed quickly and could not follow.
8) Power off and always on to meet the requirements of fire management;
9) It can be connected with a variety of card reading equipment and receive relay switching signals to work;
10) One-way or two-way control of personnel entry and exit;
11) Remote control and management can be achieved directly through the management computer;

Technical Parameters

◇ Chassis size: 1200 length * 300 width * 1000 height (MM)
◇ Telescopic boom length: 250-270mm
◇ Weight: 140Kg
◇ Case material: domestic standard 304 stainless steel, thickness 1.2-1.5MM
◇ Working environment: indoor, outdoor (with rainproof frame)
◇ Power supply voltage: AC220 ± 10% V, 50HZ
◇ Drive motor: Brushless DC motor (140W / 24V)
◇ Motor speed: 1600 rpm / min. ◇ Input interface: relay switch signal or 12V level signal or 12V pulse signal with pulse width> 100ms, drive current> 10mA
◇ Communication interface: RS485 standard ◇ LED indicator: 2 ◇ Card reading window: 2 ◇ Normal service life: 5 million times ◇ Humidity: 5%-90%
◇ Maintenance openings: 4 ◇ Passing speed: 30-40 people / minute ◇ Gate opening and closing time: 1 second ◇ Time required to enter the traffic state after power on: 3 seconds ◇ Auto reset time after failure: 10 seconds ◇ Working environment: indoor and outdoor temperature: -30 ℃ —— 80 ℃
Humidity: 5%-90% ( scenic ticket wing gate manufacturer )

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