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Baowei smart gates explain why full-height gates can be widely used

Read: 528 Release time: 2019/11/6

Full-height gates , with their sub-categories and full-height turnstiles , are suitable for use at passage entrances and exits to provide reliable protection for pedestrians and vehicles. In recent years, the application of full-height gates has been increasing.

The more extensive it is, the more it is loved in airports, railway stations, military bases, etc., more and more public places have begun to use full-height gates.

Why is this? The Baowei smart gate will be explained for everyone below.

1.The full-height gate of Baowei Intelligent Technology adopts advanced drive control technology, which can change the design of the gate in a wide range to meet different styles and different buildings on the passage.

Different requirements of the control system.

2. The full-height turntable also has the function of self-checking and fault prompting, which is convenient for users to maintain and use;

3. According to the user's requirements, it can also be connected with an external switch button and remote control to achieve unidirectional and bidirectional control of traffic;

Three roller brake

4. Anti-shock and anti-following function. When no opening signal is received, the fence bar will be automatically locked; after a single person passes, the brake bar will automatically reset, effectively preventing trailing and someone.

Act of breaking the gate;

5. It has the function of automatic normally open when power is off, which meets the requirements of fire management and effectively avoids the emergence of fire problems;

The above is the analysis of Baowei Intelligent Technology about why the full-height gate can be widely used. Baowei Intelligent Technology is a manufacturer with years of production and sales of gates and access gates .

To provide: wing gates , swing gates , turn gates , translation gates , anti-collision gates and other gate products, in addition to supporting scenic spots, cinemas, stadiums and other public places dedicated sales inspection

Ticket system , ticketing system .

Baowei Intelligent Technology has now developed into a supplier of intelligent channel gate industry strength!

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