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Shock! It turns out that the anti-collision swing gate is so good!

Read: 526 Release time: 2019/11/4

The anti-collision swing gate is uncommon in the gate and rarely appears in people's discussions, but this does not prevent it from quietly exerting its function to serve people. Now why Xiaobian

Would you mention an anti-collision swing gate? That's because its goodness is worth knowing by every customer friend.

Next, Baowei Intelligent Technology, a ticket gate manufacturer, will take you to understand the anti-collision swing gate .

Anti-collision swing gate, as its name implies, is derived from the upgrade of the swing gate. The anti-collision passage gate has been recognized by many customers for its life, impact resistance, and price comparison.

According to many shopping malls, communities, residential, colleges and other public places need to park, anti-collision swing gates in its design, widened the access gates , making people carry luggage,

It is more convenient to travel by bicycle, electric car, or moving things. At the same time, the anti-collision pendulum brake is made of anti-collision, and the lever uses elastic material to withstand violent impact.

Seeing this should cause some people to have doubts, what should I do if I crash?

Don't worry, the anti-collision swing gate is installed seamlessly, and the movement will not be damaged during impact. In addition, when an external force impacts, an alarm will be issued so that the staff can hear the post-control

Only, the anti-collision swing gate also has an automatic reset function.

Shenzhen Baowei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional access gate manufacturer. It mainly provides wing gates , full-height gates , translation gates , full-height turnstiles , and quick-pass gates .

In addition to this, there are ticket gates and ticket gates dedicated to ticketing systems and ticket gates supporting public places such as scenic spots and cinemas.

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