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Z common gate failure solutions

Read: 3040 Release time: 7/5/2016

Solutions to common gate failures

1. After swiping card or checking ticket, you cannot enter

Solution: (1). Pedestrians may hold up the lever when swiping a card or checking tickets. Please step back to enter. (2) Please check if the electromagnet is normal. If the control part has an output voltage of the electromagnet and the voltage is normal, but the electromagnet cannot be sucked up, replace the electromagnet.

2.The turntable swings up and down

Solution: (1), the tray of the movement turntable is loose, and the gap between the fits is too large. (2) Tray screws are loose.

3.There are individual gates that have dropped people

Solution: (1) The position of the falling rod solenoid is not installed. (2) The power supply is not enough.

4.The gate is powered off but the rod is not dropped

Solution: (1) Check whether the installation position of the electromagnet is correct, and the spring force of the electromagnet support of the falling rod is too small. (2) The friction between the turntable and the lever is too large.

5. Sometimes the punch gate cannot be smoothly drawn.

Solution: (1) The two iron plates at the gate of the gate with punching function need to be polished smoothly to reduce the resistance of ticket insertion.

三辊闸 翼闸 摆闸 等众多闸机的其他使用问题,您还可以通过咨询我们的专业人员进行系统详细了解。 Regarding the use of many other gates , such as three-roller gates , wing gates , swing gates, etc., you can also learn more about the system by consulting our professionals.

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