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Visitor fingerprint identification and registration system

Visitor fingerprint identification and registration system
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Product introduction
The visitor fingerprint recognition and registration system uses the identity chip reading technology to obtain the corresponding identity information and biometric information, and uses biometric technology to compare and verify the fingerprint information entered on the spot.

The visitor fingerprint identification and registration system is a Qianlin star guest machine product. It is a high-end guest machine model tailored for government and enterprises. It has a dual-screen display and complete functions. Integrate fast second-generation card reading, QR code scanning, visitor slip / card, face capture and other functions. Quickly complete visitor registration procedures, and fool-proof operation is out of the box. At the same time, the identity information and verification results of the verifier can be synchronized to the server or pushed to the management client in real time through the network, which technically solves the problems of flooding, theft or fraudulent identity, applicable to the national public inspection law, government agencies, administrative agencies , Residential quarters, high-end hotels, office buildings, visitor management verification, etc.

Features ☆ Support WiFi function ☆ The system can issue guest-specific receipts ☆ Support identity verification entry ☆ Support fingerprint entry and fingerprint verification function ☆ The system can realize real-time communication within the local area network ☆ Support ISO-14443 TYPE B standard non-contact IC card ☆ Yes Read and query second-generation identity information, and verify identity authenticity

R & D strength-high-tech R & D team with high technology to meet customer needs

——Divided into project research and development group, test group, process inspection group, etc. to ensure stable product operation

Production strength-quality assurance Qian Lin has a production base of 10,000 square meters in multiple regions

——Divided into self-service machines, visitor machines, queuing machines, auxiliary materials bases, with efficient production teams

Beijing Qianlin Hengxing Technology Co., Ltd. Main products: visitor management system, gatekeeper management system, visitor machine, bank numbering machine, Qianlin queue machine Address: Address Building 37, 10th District, No. 188, South Fourth Ring West Road, Fengtai District, Beijing Contact number on the third floor: 4006-777-908 Mobile: 13341148539 Fax: 86-010-53113958
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