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Do you know that the campus visitor management system program is officially launched?

Read: 1730 Release time: 2019/12/7

As we all know, the campus has the following characteristics: students have a poor awareness of security and defense, a large number of people enter and leave the school every day, and it is difficult to manage campus security. In order to reduce campus security accidents and prevent dangerous people from entering and leaving the campus, they bring hidden dangers to the campus. The campus visitor system solution has been launched, and it has been applied in many schools at the same time, and has achieved good results.
The Qianlin campus visitor management system solution starts with the entry and exit of campus personnel registration. It changes the traditional manual inquiry and handwritten registration method to make the registration process more efficient and the registration result more accurate. At the same time, it strengthens the campus entrance and exit interception device and links with the registration system. Use it to escort the school together.
Visitors who want to enter the campus need to provide their personal identification card to the gatekeeper for identity registration, or present valid documents such as driver's license, military officer's card, passport, Hong Kong and Macao residence permit to complete the registration process. The visitor will automatically identify the document information and perform face recognition. Fully guarantee the integration of witnesses. After the registration is completed, visitors will be given vouchers to open the interception barrier and enter the campus.
The entire campus visitor management system solution can also be changed according to the actual situation of the school. For example, a video surveillance system, emergency command, and perimeter alarm system can be added to the above system. These systems can be unified and managed on a platform to enable unified management. Campus management is smarter and more secure.

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