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Dinike C2 second door front machine

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  • Dinike C2 second door front machine
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  • C2款二次门前机 Model C2 second door front machine
  • 厦门狄耐克电子科技 Brand Xiamen Dineke Electronic Technology
  • 生产商 Manufacturer nature
  • 厦门市 LocationXiamen

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Product introduction

Although the appearance is small, the skill is extraordinary, the second confirmation of the visitor's identity is more secure

Detailed introduction

Material: aluminum alloy panel

Camera: 1/3 ″ CCD

Night vision: night vision compensation

Keys: light-transmissive keys

Door opening method: remote door opening

Protection level: IP53

Working voltage: DC12V, DC18V

Working temperature: -40 ~ + 70 ℃

Finished product size: 97 * 127 * 32mm

Installation: Wall mounted

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