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Dinike: Digital intercom is the development trend of the building intercom industry

Read: 3393 Release time: 2017/10/14
At present, digital intercom applications now account for about 10% to 20% of the entire industry, and are generally positioned in villas, luxury homes, and residential buildings. However, with the consumer market demand, the purchase of digital interphones is increasing every year, and the number of The industrialization trend, in addition to the community application, can clearly see the development of the trend of the intercom industry at many security exhibitions.
The industrialization of digital walkie-talkies is inevitable
With the development of network communication, multimedia technology and microelectronic technology in recent years, not only technical problems have been solved, but also cost problems have been solved, making the industrialization of digital intercom possible. As people ’s living standards continue to improve, their needs also increase. In addition to the basic intercom unlock function, intercom systems also need to integrate text messages, announcements, photos / messages, electronic photo albums, security alarms, access control, smart homes, and communities. Shopping, information homes, and other functions and value-added services can only meet these needs with the powerful expansion of digital intercom. Digital intercom also solves the problems of analog intercom long-distance transmission signal attenuation, the maximum number of households, the inability to talk to households, and busy calls. Digital intercom opportunities are developing in the direction of intelligent terminals. In the future, various intelligent systems in users' homes will be included. Zui will eventually become a popular consumer product, so industrialization is inevitable.
Standardization and unification is the key to the industrialization of digital intercom
Digital intercom is the development trend of the entire building intercom industry, and whether it can be standardized is a key. Intercom standardization has always been the focus of attention of industry professionals, and the development of national standards for digital intercom is not something that can be accomplished overnight. In 2008, the video intercom industry alliance summit forum was established in the intercom industry. At that time, two major resolutions were formed at the conference, and there were two discussion topics. The first is the direction of video intercom development, which is the technology that will be developed in the future. The other topic is whether the video intercom can be standardized and unified. The standardized unity means that A host can use B extensions. .
Analog to digital is inevitable, and video intercom must go digital. Because there is an interest relationship between enterprises, standardization is not easy in one step, and a transition is needed. This transition can be achieved by wiring first. Everyone goes online and digital, and digital wiring is the same. Wiring may be unified, but whether it can be further improved to achieve standardization is a long process.

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