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Company Profile

Xiamen Dinaike Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a domestic manufacturer of smart community solutions and equipment. It specializes in R & D, production, sales, and service of building intercom and smart community systems. It is a national high-tech enterprise, a dual-soft certification company, Building Intercom International Standard Editor and National and Industry Standard Participating Editor. Since its establishment, the company has taken the mission of "creating superior quality of life" and is committed to creating a "safe, healthy, convenient and comfortable" smart living environment.

In line with the development trend of the new generation of information technology such as the Internet, smart cities, and intelligent control, Dinike adheres to independent technological innovation and has established a R & D team of more than 150 people. The smart community is the core of the research and development of a series of security subsystems. 13 inventions, 21 utility models and 64 software copyrights have been formed, and a comprehensive technical industrialization operation system has been formed.

Dinike's smart community solutions and equipment include systems and equipment such as building intercom, IP industry intercom, smart home, intelligent transportation, fresh air management, water purification management, elevator IoT, community O2O service platform, and community IBMS management platform. The subsystem relies on the "i Shang community" cloud platform to achieve interconnection and 5A management, and has become the first one-stop supplier of smart community solutions and equipment in China.

The company has set up 82 direct offices across the country, and its product sales network covers 120 cities and surrounding areas across the country, serving more than 3,600 large-scale projects developed by many well-known real estate developers nationwide; with Greenland Group, China Resources Land, Shimao Real Estate, and Longhu Group "Top 100" realtors, such as R & F Real Estate, China Merchants Real Estate, Jinke Group, Rongqiao Group, Zhongnan Real Estate, Zhengrong Group, Hailiang Real Estate, Yuzhou Real Estate, Yuexiu Real Estate, etc. Win the relationship.

Dinike focuses on the development of international markets. Its products are sold to the United States, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Israel, South Africa and other countries, and has completed hundreds of overseas engineering projects.

The company's production base is located in the beautiful Ludao Xiamen, covering an area of 30 acres and a construction area of 50,000 square meters. It has independent supporting facilities for R & D and production. It is a well-known security research and development and production base in China. "Dinike Science and Technology Park", after its completion, will become a more influential smart community solution and equipment R & D and production base in China.

Dinike will always uphold the core values of "innovation, integrity, responsibility, and win-win", give full play to its ability to innovate, adhere to the principles of good faith management, fulfill its corporate social responsibility, create a win-win cooperation platform, and provide Z partners and customers with Z Quality products and services.

main products

Digital smart home system, intelligent video intercom system, security video intercom system, energy-saving intercom system, telephone video intercom system, TCP / IP networked video intercom system, wireless doorbell intercom system, etc. Product Series. Can realize multiple functions of intelligent integrated management of the community such as video intercom, defense zone alarm, home control, information release, access control card swiping, telephone intercom, image storage, elevator control, multimedia playback, etc.

Member certificate

Security Exhibition Network Member Certificate

Issuing agency: Security Exhibition Network

Years of service: 8th year

Business Information

厦门狄耐克智能科技股份有限公司 Company Name: Xiamen Dinaike Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
人民币9000万元 Registered capital: RMB 90 million
9135020076928783XA Registration Number: 9135020076928783XA
厦门市市场监督管理局 Registration Authority: Xiamen Market Supervision Administration
长期 Business Term: Long Term
厦门市火炬高新区创新路2号 Registered address: No. 2 Chuangxin Road, Torch High-tech Zone , Xiamen
2005年4月29日 Established: April 29, 2005
缪国栋 Legal representative: Miao Guodong
有限责任公司 Business Type: Limited Liability Company
计算机软件开发;计算机硬件的批发零售;组装生产电话、可视对讲、通讯产品;电子信息产品开发与设计、生产与安装;安防产品的开发与设计、生产与安装;IC卡读写机的生产制造;经营本企业自产产品的出口业务和本企业所需的机械设备、零配件、原辅材料的进口业务(不另附进出口商品目录),但国家限定公司经营或禁止进出口商品及技术除外。 Business scope: computer software development; computer hardware wholesale and retail; assembly and production of telephone, video intercom, and communication products; electronic information product development and design, production and installation; security product development and design, production and installation; IC card reading Manufacturing of writing machines; operating export business of self-produced products of this enterprise and import business of machinery equipment, spare parts, raw and auxiliary materials required by the enterprise (without additional import and export catalog), but the company is restricted or prohibited by the state Except for import and export commodities and technology. detailed


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名称 发证机构 生效日期 截止日期 Certificate picture name Issuing agency effective date deadline
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contact details

厦门狄耐克智能科技股份有限公司 Company Name: Xiamen Dinaike Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
86-0592-5768680 Phone number: ****** 592-5768680
86-0592-5993841 Fax number: 86592-5993841
销售部 Contact: Sales Department
mobile phone number:
After sales phone:
福建 Province: Fujian
厦门市火炬高新区创新路2号 Address: No. 2 Chuangxin Road, Torch High-tech Zone , Xiamen
Postal code:
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