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ESE2500 Guangzhou Leitai Imported Discharge Lightning Rod

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  • Guangzhou Leite Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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【a brief introdction】

ESE2500 Advance discharge lightning rod Under the same conditions (height), "Sait" has a wider range of protection than ordinary lightning rods, no radioactive elements, stainless steel, corrosion resistance, and strong wind resistance.

【Detailed description】

First, the working principle

When a lightning cloud layer is formed, an electric field (atmosphere) is generated between the cloud layer and the ground, and the electric field strength can reach 5 kV / m. As a result, corona discharges began to appear on the raised parts of the ground or on metal parts. .

When a descending leader is formed inside the thunder cloud, lightning strikes begin. The descending pilot charge moves to the ground in a staircase. The charge carried by the descending leader establishes an electric field on the ground.

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