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F3 zone-type vibration fiber optic detector
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  • F3 zone-type vibration fiber optic detector

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Product introduction

The F3 zone-type vibration fiber optic detector is particularly suitable for installation and use in places with complex terrain, flammable and explosive goods warehouses, irregular perimeter areas, and unsuitable power access; it can also be used as a cordon in the field of work and camp.

Detailed introduction

F3 zone-type vibration fiber optic detector product features:

● Strong anti-interference: The vibration sensing optical cable adopts the passive detection principle, which can eliminate the interference of strong external electric and magnetic fields, effectively avoid equipment damage caused by lightning, and have high system reliability.
● High sensitivity: The detection sensitivity of the host can be adjusted in multiple stages to adapt to various complex environments.
● Convenient construction: easy installation and disassembly, plug and play. Effectively reduce installation costs.
● High stability: The optical cable has low loss and high stability during transmission. The maximum detection distance of each defense zone is 500m.
● Passive detection: The vibration sensing fiber optic cable is a passive detector, which is non-conductive and can effectively prevent lightning strikes. It is suitable for flammable and explosive places.
● Laying method: The vibrating optical cable can be directly laid on various iron nets to prevent climbing.
● Output signal: output standard digital signal can be connected to the general anti-theft alarm controller.
● Multi-channel acquisition: The dual-channel data collector can collect defense zones of two different media.

Technical parameters of F3 zone-type vibration optical fiber detector :

name Zone-type vibration fiber optic detector
model F3
kind Double-zone vibration fiber detector
Number of alarm zones Two defense zone vibration sensing optical cable signal inputs provide two zone warning signals to the burglar alarm controller.
Way of working The switching output mode is 2 relay normally open and normally closed contact output.
Detector working temperature -40 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃
Cable laying temperature Not lower than -15 ℃
Power supply DC12V
Use characteristics Passive distribution, cable shape
Small bending radius of optical cable Not less than 6 times the outer diameter of the cable

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