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A7-32Bi-C-Bus Network Alarm Host
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  • A7-32Bi-C-Bus Network Alarm Host

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Product introduction

A7-32Bi-C bus-type network alarm host bus directly connected to perimeter alarm devices such as pulse electronic fences and tension electronic fences, without the need for address codes, saving construction costs, reducing system complexity, and enabling remote management, while supporting RS485 Bus, power supply bus, provide users with multiple choices, convenient construction and low cost.

Detailed introduction

A7-32Bi-C bus network alarm host product features:

Hibus bus equipment adopts identification technology to prevent replacement;
Support SMC3000 management platform and cloud platform connection;
Alarm record and operation log support extended storage;
Support 32 clients to access the alarm host at the same time and provide 256 groups of timing control;
Upgrade zones and output devices online through a USB flash drive or management software, with many-to-many configuration;
The main control keyboard uses a 4.3-inch TFT true color screen;
Support 816-channel onboard wired zone input;
A7-32Bi-C bus type network alarm host supports bus expansion of 248 defense zone outputs and 256 alarm outputs;
Support alarm linkage output;
Support 1 way controlled siren DC12V output;
Support uploading alarm data through network, line and GPRS;
Support 8 independently controlled subsystems and 1 common subsystem;
Support 6 independent center groups, flexible configuration of alarm data upload strategy, redundant backup strategy Support 2 independent Ethernet alarm centers, 2 independent GPRS alarm centers, 2 independent alarm centers;
Support Contact ID protocol, line support phone reuse;
Supports expansion of 16 keyboards;
Support 1 installer, 1 administrator, 128 users;
Support battery auxiliary power supply, automatic charging control, voltage real-time monitoring for power failure protection.

A7-32Bi-C bus network alarm host core advantages:

Bus direct connection management: The bus directly connects the perimeter alarm devices such as pulse electronic fences and tension electronic fences, which eliminates the need for address codes, saves construction costs, reduces system complexity, and enables remote management.
Multiple communication options: support RS485 bus and power supply bus at the same time, providing users with multiple choices, convenient construction and low cost
Mobile APP real-time control: Cloud Police APP can remotely control the alarm host via the Internet, greatly improving the convenience of use
Large-screen human-computer interaction: The main control keyboard uses a 4.3-inch TFT true-color screen, and all functions can be deployed through a computer, eliminating complex instructional operations, and what you see is what you get
One-click registration of all devices: Provides automatic registration function, one-click registration of all devices on the bus saves setup time and operation procedures

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