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Electronic fence alarm system

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  • Electronic fence alarm system

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Product introduction

The electronic fence alarm system is usually composed of front-end equipment (including detectors and emergency alarm devices), transmission equipment, processing / control / management equipment and display / recording equipment.

Detailed introduction

The front-end detection part of the electronic fence alarm system is composed of various detectors. It is the tactile part of the electronic fence alarm system, which is equivalent to human eyes, nose, ears, skin, etc., and senses various physical quantities such as temperature, humidity, odor, energy, etc. Change and convert it into an electrical signal suitable for transmission according to a certain rule. Guangtuo includes T6T8 series pulse, V5 tension series electronic fence front end and host;
The operation control part is mainly an alarm controller. The corresponding Guangtuo has MK100 series and MK200 series intelligent control terminal products.
The monitoring center is responsible for receiving and processing the alarm information and status information sent by each subsystem, and sends the processed alarm information and monitoring instructions to the alarm receiving center and related subsystems, respectively. Guangtuo's representative products include cloud police platform, SAM100 monitoring alarm management platform software, etc.

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