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Vibration Fiber Optic Detector

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  • Vibration Fiber Optic Detector

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Product introduction

The F5 series distributed multi-zone vibration optical fiber detector adopts innovative optical path detection technology. Its response sensitivity to high frequency signal waves such as knocking, climbing and drilling is better than similar products, which is suitable for various installations.

Detailed introduction

main feature

● High-frequency data sampling: The real-time acquisition and processing of multiple defense zone signals at the same time, the sampling frequency is higher than similar products, reducing waveform distortion and response time, more accurately restoring defense zone status, and eliminating false alarms. ● Integrated mobile management: Supports connection to the SMC3000 management platform and Cloud police platform, which can be remotely viewed and controlled by mobile app anytime and anywhere ( multi-zone vibration fiber detector , vibration fiber provider )
● Light linkage: Supports external alarm control and light linkage through the bus. ● Passive design: The front-end equipment adopts a fully passive design, which is resistant to lightning, electromagnetic interference, and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for places that are flammable and explosive. ● Concealed installation: The sensing cable is made of flexible material, which is convenient for concealed and conformal installation.

core advantages

● Innovative and sensitive detection technology: Adopting innovative optical path detection technology, the response sensitivity to intrusion high-frequency signal waves such as knocking, climbing, drilling, etc. is better than similar products, suitable for various installation scenarios ( multi-zone vibration fiber optic detector , Vibration Fiber Provider )
● Accurate identification of alarm signals: * Full spectrum analysis technology, * Fusion of multiple algorithms to synchronously collect and analyze data, intuitively distinguish interference signals and alarm signals, and improve alarm accuracy. ● Intelligent perception of interference environment: simulate the characteristics of massive environmental interference signals and establish a model database When there are interference signals such as wind, rain, snow, vehicle passing, small animals, etc., the system can automatically match the data model to effectively reduce the false alarm rate of interference. ● Long-distance strong signal output: the innovative design of optical path detection, which reduces the light intensity. Loss, at the end zone of long-distance detection, the alarm signal transmission is strong, and it will not cause false alarm ( multi-zone) , Vibration fiber provider )

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