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  • 上海广拓信息技术 Brand Shanghai Guangtuo Information Technology
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Product introduction

The Shanghai electronic fence host generates and receives signals, and can generate an alarm signal when the front-end detection fence is in a state of contact, short circuit, or open circuit, and sends the intrusion signal to the security alarm center. (Shanghai Electronic Fence Supplier)

Detailed introduction

The electronic fence is the current advanced perimeter burglar alarm system. It consists of the electronic fence host and the front-end detection fence. The host of Shanghai electronic fence is to generate and receive signals, and can generate alarm signals when the front-end detection fence is in the state of contact, short circuit, or open circuit, and send the intrusion signal to the security alarm center. The front-end detection fence is composed of poles and metal wires. Tangible perimeter. Multi-level networking can be achieved through the control keyboard or control software. The Shanghai electronic fence is an active intrusion prevention fence, which counterattacks intrusion attempts, repels intruders, delays the invasion time, and does not threaten human lives, and sends intrusion signals to security department monitoring equipment to ensure management. The personnel can understand the situation of the alarm area in time and make the processing quickly. ( Shanghai Electronic Fence Supplier )

The blocking effect of the Shanghai electronic fence is firstly reflected in the deterrent function. Warning signs are hung on the metal lines, and psychological pressure is generated as soon as it is seen, and there will be a sense of electric shock when touching the fence, which is enough to discourage intruders. It is also a physical barrier. It is difficult to climb if it is installed at the proper height and angle. If it is forced to break, the host of the Shanghai electronic fence will issue an alarm signal. ( Shanghai Electronic Fence Supplier )

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