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Which is better, pulsed electronic fence?

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  • Which is better, pulsed electronic fence?

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Product introduction

Pulse type electronic fence, the pulse host generates high voltage and low current pulse electricity, which is transmitted to the front of the electronic fence. If anyone intrudes, the intruder will be struck by the pulse electricity (only the intruder will be popped up, and it will not endanger personal safety). The sound and light alarm next to the front fence sounds, the intrusion signal is transmitted to the alarm host through the pulse host, the alarm host prompts the alarm sound, and the management platform will also show that the corresponding part of the fence zone has intrusion behavior, and then the security personnel go to deal with it. (Which one is good for pulsed electronic fence)

Detailed introduction

Scope of application:

Because it is charged, pulse products are mostly used in some places with special security requirements, such as *, national borders, military bases, rail transit, and some high-security-requirement community factories. Not only need to generate alarm signals, but also generate deterrence and block. Features for outsiders to enter. ( Which one is good for pulsed electronic fence )

Product advantages:

Compared with the pulsed electronic fence products on the market, the advantages of this series of products are as follows
1. Anti-bypass alarm When an intruder uses a wire and connects the connected alloy wires at the same time, an equipotential crossover will be physically formed. The traditional electronic fence will not produce a product alarm signal, and Guangtuo's products will alarm to make up On the fatal loophole ( which is better with pulsed electronic fences )
2. Single-line touch screen alarm When an intruder touches the alloy wire of the electronic fence, an alarm signal will be issued. The product uses an intelligent algorithm, which can also distinguish the touch of small animals, leaves and other objects, no alarm will occur, and the false alarm rate will be greatly reduced. Alarm for cutting alloy wire and other wires
3. Multiple communication methods There are multiple communication methods on the market. The differences between TCP / IP protocol and local area protocols. The pulsed electronic fence host also has multiple interfaces. Therefore, the broad pulsed electronic fence host has built-in Ethernet and mainstream RS485 Rich interfaces to meet the requirements of different transmission schemes
4. In the era of remote control of the Internet, since the products of Guangtuo are used outdoors, and the range can reach tens of thousands of kilometers, the management is troublesome. Guangtuo intelligent control terminal and software can realize various operations remotely. ( )

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