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Shanghai Guangtuo Wins "Smart Security Product Supplier" Award at Shanghai Security Expo 2019

Read: 1799 Release time: 5/28/2019

月24日,第19届上海国际公共安全产品博览会在上海世博展览馆圆满落幕,上海广拓凭借领xian的全系列智慧社区解决方案产品斩获“智能安防产品供应商”奖。 On May 24th, the 19th Shanghai International Public Safety Product Expo successfully concluded at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. Shanghai Guangtuo won the "Smart Security Product Supplier" award for leading Xian's full range of smart community solution products.

Guangtuo won the "Smart Security Product Supplier Award"

各系统产品 遍布在小区的各个角落,汇聚社区生活所能接触到的方方面面信息,实现对小区实有人口、实有房屋、实有单位、实有力量装备、实有警情、实有安防设施等,所有与社区相关人、物的管控,助力构建社区治理新格局。 As a smart community solution provider, Shanghai Guangtuo uses the intelligent security management platform ISC6000 as its core to provide a full range of community security products, including video surveillance, access control intercom, parking management, intrusion alarm, electronic inspection, fire detection, behavior trajectory Multi-system products such as detection, all system products are located in all corners of the community, bringing together all aspects of information that can be accessed by community life, to achieve real population, real houses, real units, real power equipment, real police Situation, there are security facilities, etc., all people and things related to the community control, help build a new community governance structure.

Guangtuo's full series of products have obtained the test report

作为新地标主要起草单位,上海广拓 结合新地标、开发商的需求和社区居民安全便捷性 等因素,提供的智慧社区解决方案,已成功落地上海市首批智慧社区试点项目。 At present, Shanghai Smart Community Local Standards have been officially promulgated and implemented. As the main drafting unit for new landmarks, Shanghai Guangtuo has successfully implemented smart community solutions based on new landmarks, the needs of developers, and the safety and convenience of community residents. The first batch of pilot projects for smart communities in Shanghai. 充分满足了现阶段智慧社区实际场景的应用需求。 It has successfully landed in more than 300 communities in Shanghai's Jinshan District, Jiading District, Pudong New District, Putuo District, Baoshan District, etc., which fully meets the application needs of the actual scene of smart communities at this stage.

As the construction of smart communities continues to expand, Shanghai Guangtuo will continue to devote to the continuous breakthrough of research and development technology, focus on the security industry, and provide customers with comprehensive smart community solutions.

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