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Tribute to ingenuity, Guangtuo F5 vibration fiber won the "Top Ten Innovative Product Awards"

Read: 2069 Release time: 4/4/2019

From May 23rd to 25th, 2018, the "18th Shanghai International Public Safety Products Expo and Shanghai International Police Yong and Security Unmanned System Expo" (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai Security Expo 2018) ended at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai Guangtuo debuted with new perimeter alarm products and industry solutions, and received wide attention and praise from the audience

In-depth communication between exhibitors and Guangtuo staff

In the "Ten Best Innovative Products and New Technologies" selection activity held at the same time, Guangtuo's ingenious work-F5 full-spectrum distributed zone-type vibration optical fiber won the "Top Ten Innovative Product Awards of the 18th Shanghai Security Expo".

Guangtuo Vibration Fiber Receives "Top Ten Innovative Product Awards"

This product selection was first reviewed by the Shanghai Technical Defense Expert Management Committee. The technical defense experts identified the product on-site. The Guangtuo F5 vibration fiber optic product has received expert groups in terms of innovation, safety, stability, compatibility, and practicality. Unanimous approval.

Guangtuo F5 series full-spectrum distributed zone-type vibrating optical fiber. As a new generation of perimeter alarm products, optical cables can be laid in conformity, supporting full-scene installation of hanging networks, wall-hanging, surface attachment, wall-embedded, and buried. The complex installation environment requirements of the industry are widely used in the perimeter of industries such as airports, radar stations, substations, flammable and explosive places, national borders, and residential quarters.

A feast of the security industry quietly sounded, and then ended gorgeously. Shanghai Guangtuo constantly pays tribute to ingenuity, and uses technological innovation to promote new technological breakthroughs in the perimeter alarm industry, and also brings new surprises to the industry for each meeting. Guangtuo continues to grow, always adheres to the mission of "creating a safe living environment with technological progress", adheres to its original intention, and uses science and technology to guard the perimeter security.

Electronic fence, pulse electronic fence, tension electronic fence   The entire network of electronic fences and alarm host systems are located in Shanghai Guangtuo. Guangtuo has been committed to creating a safe environment with technological progress.

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