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Company profile

Company Profile

Shanghai Guangtuo Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a total security solution provider in China and has been committed to creating a safe living environment with technological advances. The company provides high-quality products, solutions and professional services in the field of security, and has successfully provided security services for tens of thousands of enterprises and government units, with customers in 32 provinces, cities and regions across the country.

Guangtuo is a high-tech enterprise and software enterprise recognized by the Shanghai Municipal Government. It is a drafting unit of national standards for pulse electronic fences, industrial standards for tension electronic fences, and industrial standards for leaking cables. It is a vice-chairman of China Security Association and a first-class security-qualified enterprise. In many countries, many software products have been identified by the Shanghai Municipal Government. Deeply plowing the security industry for many years, Guangtuo has won many awards, and successively won the awards of the outstanding products of the Security Expo Innovation Award and the "Safe City" recommended excellent security products.

Guangtuo's focus on R & D and quality enables the company to have industry-recognized technology. Guangtuo has a rich product line, and has launched perimeter alarm products such as pulse electronic fences, tension electronic fences, alarm hosts, leaking cables, and vibration optical fibers with completely independent intellectual property rights; network high-definition cameras, analog cameras, hard disk video recorders, network storage devices And other video surveillance products; and independently developed a powerful security management platform-SAM100 software.

With high-quality products, complete solutions and professional services, the security protection service industry provided by Guangtuo covers power, railway, education, airports, factories, and communities. Classic customers include Shanghai-Hangzhou / Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail, Expo, National Grid, Banknote Printing and Minting Group, Giant Panda Breeding Base, etc.

The rapid development of Guangtuo has attracted wide attention from the society and the news media, including CCTV's "News Broadcasting" column and CCTV News Channel have introduced Guangtuo's products. Many professional senior media in the security industry are also competing to recommend Guang Tuo's advanced products and professional services.

Core idea

Driven by technological innovation; guided by integrity and integrity; advocating the spirit of teamwork.

Guangtuo has been committed to using technology advancements to create a safe living environment for human beings.

Media reports

The rapid development of Guangtuo has attracted wide attention from the society and the news media, including CCTV's "News Broadcasting" column and CCTV News Channel have introduced Guangtuo's products. Senior media in industries such as security automation and Zhong' have also introduced Guang Tuo's high-quality products and professional services for many times, which has won widespread trust from the society.

Main honors

◆ China's top ten national security brands

◆ Outstanding Product Award for Innovation

◆ "Safe City" to build excellent security products

◆ Shanghai World Expo Security Product Provider

◆ Z attracted the attention of the top ten security companies

◆ Top Ten Burglar Alarm Brands for Smart Home

◆ Shanghai High-tech Enterprise

◆ Shanghai Certified Software Enterprise

◆ Vice Chairman of China Security Products Industry Association

◆ Qualification of first-class security enterprise

◆ The main drafting unit of national standards for electronic fences (GB / T 7946—2008)

◆ 23 national certificates and 4 software copyright level certificates

◆ Passed ISO9001: 2000/2008 quality management system certification

◆ Product liability insurance underwritten by Ping An Insurance Company (8 million)

◆ Application cases of tens of thousands of industries across China

◆ Participate in public welfare—adopt a giant panda and name it "Pakton"

Member certificate

Certificate picture

Certificate name

Issuing agency

Length of service

Security Exhibition Network Member Certificate Security Exhibition Network 4th year View details

main products

Pulse electronic fence tension type electronic fence electronic fence software HD network camera

Business Information

Established: December 23, 2004 [Certified]
Registered capital: RMB 100 million [Certified]
Scope of business: technical development and technical services in the field of computer software and hardware, technical defense products, sales of computers, software and auxiliary equipment (except for computer information system security products), sales of technical defense products, intelligent building engineering design and construction , Civil engineering, technical defense engineering, production of electronic fences, engaged in the import and export of goods and technology import and export business, production and sales of security products. [Projects that are subject to approval according to law can only be operated after approval by relevant departments] [Certified]
Business address: 11th floor, Hengtong Building, No. 222 Hengtong Road, Shanghai
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