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DFXF-93-A fire insulation clothing

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【a brief introdction】

DFXF-93-A fire insulation clothing is mainly for the firefighters or other workers working in high temperature places to provide clothing (proof) thermal protection clothing. It is generally made by mixing flame retardant fiber fabric and composite material with vacuum aluminized film. The characteristics of fire insulation clothing: non-asbestos, light weight, high strength, flame retardant, high temperature resistance, heat radiation resistance , Waterproof, wear-resistant, folding-resistant, and harmless to the human body.

【Detailed description】

DFXF-93-A fire insulation clothing is made of composite material of fiber fabric and aluminized film. The clothing includes jacket, pants, gloves, hood and foot cover. It does not contain asbestos, and has double lightness, high strength, flame resistance and resistance The advantages of high temperature, heat radiation resistance, wear resistance, folding resistance and non-toxicity to human body can effectively protect firefighters and high temperature workers from being burned by flames and high temperatures. It has passed the inspection of the Supervision and Inspection Center, and complies with the requirements of GA88 "Performance requirements and test methods for fire insulation clothing" and "International Fire Safety System Code". Marine protective clothing is qualified by China Classification Society.

DFXF-93-A reflective tape for fire insulation clothing
1. Retroreflective coefficient The retroreflective coefficient should meet the requirements of Table 2. Table 2 Retroreflective coefficient unit is cd / (lx · m2)
2. Heat resistance under the condition of 260 ℃ ± 5 ℃. After 5 minutes of testing, the surface of the reflective material should be free from carbonization and shedding. Its retroreflection coefficient should not be less than 70% of the value specified in Table 2.
3. Flame retardancy should not be longer than 2s, and there should be no melting or dripping.
4. Washing resistance After washing 25 times, there should be no breakage, peeling and discoloration.
5. High and low temperature performance After the high and low temperature test, the reflective marker tape should not be broken, wrinkled or twisted.
6. After the high temperature test of the hardware, the sample should keep its original function.
7. After the high temperature test of the sewing thread, the sample should not melt or burn.
8. Weight The weight of the entire garment should not be greater than 3.5kg.

How to wear:
1. Remove the thermal insulation from the box.
2. Unfold the flame-retardant thermal insulation clothing and check whether it is intact.
3. Unzip the back of the thermal barrier.
4. Put your legs into the bodysuit first, then into your arms, and then put on a hood.
5. Close the zipper and press the snap button.
6. Put on safety boots and adjust the laces according to your needs.
7. Make sure that the trouser legs completely cover the boot of the safety boot.
8. Put on gloves after zui, so you have a full set of flame retardant clothing and components.
9. Take off the flame retardant clothing in the reverse order.

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