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Video Center
  • 上传时间:2019/12/09 点播次数:8 Red Apple monitors PM70MA solidified network matrix Upload time: 2019/12/09 VOD times: 8

    Red Apple PM70MH.265 series high-definition network digital matrix can decode the compressed video data transmitted from the front-end high-definition network camera or platform software through the network to high-definition digital signals and output them to the display device. HD network digital matrix supports image display, grouping, segmentation, grouping, etc ...

  • 上传时间:2019/12/02 点播次数:9 Zhejiang Red Apple Electronics 2019 Glimpse Upload Time: 2019/12/02 On Demand Times: 9

    Red Apple Electronics 2019 Enterprise Glimpse Video

  • 上传时间:2019/12/02 点播次数:6 Application of Red Apple Monitor in Liangzhu Cultural Heritage Park in Hangzhou Upload time: 2019/12/02 On demand: 6

    The full range of red apple equipment is used in Liangzhu Site Cultural Park to protect 5,000 years of civilization.

  • 上传时间:2019/12/02 点播次数:5 Red Apple KVM Control Device PM50 Distributed Collaboration System Upload Time: 2019/12/02 On Demand Times: 5

    Red Apple PM50 series distributed collaborative management system is the research and development result of Red Apple Electronics focusing on high-definition digital audio and video encoding and decoding technology for many years. It uses advanced network IP communication technology to transmit the desktop collection node box of any computer desktop through a network cable Go to the display you need and show it here ...

  • 上传时间:2019/12/02 点播次数:5 5125 5100K control keyboard upload time: 2019/12/02 VOD times: 5

    A complete monitoring system, in addition to the video matrix in the central graphic control section, must also be supplemented with a different number of control keyboards according to actual needs, to facilitate the operation of management personnel. The PM5100K network keyboard is equipped with a high-definition network digital matrix for control and management operations. It can perform window / screen division, ...

  • 上传时间:2019/12/02 点播次数:5 Red Apple PM60D series HD decoder upload time: 2019/12/02 VOD times: 5

    Red Apple PM60D series HD decoder is a high-definition network decoding product developed by Red Apple Electronics. It combines network coding and decoding technology, fully considers market demand, and is suitable for various occasions. It is a high-definition network wall device with advanced technology, practical functions and convenient use.

  • 上传时间:2019/11/27 点播次数:12 Red Apple PM70 HD network matrix screen 4K image output display upload time: 2019/11/27 VOD times: 12

    4K image output display

  • 上传时间:2019/11/27 点播次数:8 Red Apple PM70 HD network digital matrix image control operation Upload time: 2019/11/27 On demand: 8

    Red Apple PM70 HD network digital matrix image control operation demonstration, screen division, tangent and reverse tangent function demonstration

  • 上传时间:2019/11/27 点播次数:11 Red Apple PM70 HD Network Digital Matrix Video Image Control Window Opening Roaming Upload Time: 2019/11/27 On Demand Times: 11

    Video image stitching, windowing, roaming and other functions

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