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Control Keyboard
price $ 9999
order amount 1 piece
  • PE5128S系列 Model PE5128S series
  • 红苹果 Brand Red Apple
  • 生产商 Manufacturer nature
  • 杭州市 Location Hangzhou

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【a brief introdction】
PE5128 main control keyboard can not only control PE brand series including PE90FH, PE80H high-definition digital matrix, etc., but also directly control a variety of protocols dome, DVR, NVR.
The keyboard has a novel and generous appearance, and has a 7-inch LCD screen that can decode and display video images on the same network, making the operation more convenient and intuitive. The panel has several macro keys, custom keys, and multi-function keys, and is equipped with a four-dimensional joystick.
【Detailed description】

控制键盘不仅可以控制PE品牌系列包括PE90FH、PE80H高清数字矩阵等全系列矩阵主机,还可以直接控制多种协议的快球、DVR、NVR。 The PE5128 control keyboard can not only control a full range of matrix hosts such as PE90FH, PE80H high-definition digital matrix, but also directly control the dome, DVR, NVR of multiple protocols.

The keyboard has a novel and generous appearance, and has a 7-inch LCD screen that can decode and display video images on the same network, making the operation more convenient and intuitive. The panel has several macro keys, custom keys, and multi-function keys, and is equipped with a four-dimensional joystick. There are 3 data communication ports at the bottom of the keyboard, and one 10/100 / 1000M network port is self-adaptive. The purpose and baud rate of each data communication port can be defined by the user. RS-232 or RS-422, network And other communication methods.

The powerful macro function can not only combine the operation of different devices, but also edit a series of preset functions, which can greatly simplify various complex operations. Macro operations can be edited and defined on a computer and downloaded to the keyboard for operation. Multiple macro keys can be used to manage macro operations of different functions in groups.

自带的10/100/1000自适应网络端口使键盘能够直接与局域网上的设备进行通讯和直接解码控制前端任一网络视频图像,完成其它设备不能企及的功能。 PE5128's built-in 10/100/1000 adaptive network port enables the keyboard to directly communicate with the devices on the local area network and directly decode and control any network video image on the front end, completing functions that other devices cannot match.

Function introduction

● User login and permissions

Supports 1 system administrator, 3 or more user administrators, and 255 operators.

● Operating mode

)矩阵操作模式 1 ) Matrix operation mode

It can control the entire series of Red Apple mainframes, including general operations, common settings and menu programming, to achieve switching of front-end video, PTZ control, simple screen adaptation to PE90FH, PE80H HD matrix, program call and other functions

)DVR、NVR操作模式 2 ) DVR, NVR operation mode

Can control all functions including DVR, NVR panel keyboard client

)球机操作模式 3 ) Dome operation mode

Directly control multi-protocol dome, decoder and other equipment

抓拍和录像: 4) Snapshot and video:

Capture real-time video images according to the four-dimensional joystick keyboard and custom keys, and store them on a local SD card or upload server for storage.

● Joystick and key detection

The keyboard performs power-on detection and automatic monitoring of the button state and resets the center position of the joystick on indicators such as the center position of the joystick, the amount of up-down, left-right offset, and left-right rotation.

● Macro instructions and macro operations

A macro operation is defined on a special macro key, and a set of operation instructions can be executed through different numbered macro operations.

Product Highlights

、支持16路1080P解码 1.Support 16-channel 1080P decoding

、支持单键飞梭控制,控制视频录像 2. Support single-button shuttle control to control video recording

、超大液晶显示屏设计,显示当前控制的高清视频图像 3 , large LCD display design, showing the currently controlled high-definition video image

、支持1路HDMI输出,支持分割显示,支持UI叠加 4. Support 1 HDMI output, support split display, support UI overlay

抓拍图片于本地保存或上传服务器保存 5. Capture the picture and save it locally or upload it to the server

、利用音频输入输出接口与指定的终端实现语音对讲 6.Using audio input and output interface and designated terminal to realize voice intercom

、WebServer,可以进行远程的配置管理、程序升级 7 , WebServer, can perform remote configuration management, program upgrade

、每个操作员支持99999个前端设备控制; 8. Each operator supports 99999 front-end equipment control;

Technical Parameters

LCD screen

寸以上,65536色以上,显示分辨率1280×720 7 ” inches or more, 65536 colors or more, display resolution 1280 × 720

Monitor image display

1080P 视频 16 分割画面显示, 720P 视频 25 分割画面显示 Support 16- screen display for 1080P video , 25- screen display for 720P video

communication method

Network mode, RS232, RS422

Communication speed

Network port: 10/100 / 1000M adaptive, serial port 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200

Audio coding standard

Support G.711, G.726, ADPCM audio codec

Decoding delay


Internal storage space


网络端口*1 10/100 / 1000M network port * 1

Can access IP video stream, Ethernet control command sending and receiving;

端口 HDMI port

Support 1 channel HDMI output; support 1080P high-definition preview, the output is the keyboard LCD screen copy mode, with its own UI interface; HDMI video output resolution up to 1920 × 1080 @ 30zui large 16-channel display, 720Pzui more 25 screen

Serial port

(预留,用于控制矩阵/控制/配置管理/输入、输出告警等) RS232 * 1 / RS422 * 1 (reserved for control matrix / control / configuration management / input, output alarm, etc.)


For control, upgrade maintenance, external storage, etc.

Power interface

输入 12V DC input

个按键 32 keys

Custom key operation according to the agreement;

Four-dimensional joystick

Achieve PTZ control of the dome camera and capture the current image by pressing keys;

Replace the up, down, left and right function keys and the "OK" function key in other setting interfaces;

One Touch Shuttle

Realize the control of viewing the recording, including fast forward, fast rewind, frame playback, pause / playback and other controls;

Substitute the number increase and decrease function keys in the setting interface;

Voice intercom input

个,3.5mm立体声(电平:2.0Vp-p,阻抗:1kΩ) 1 3.5mm stereo (level: 2.0Vp-p, impedance: 1kΩ)

Audio output

个,3.5mm立体声(线性电平,阻抗:600Ω) 1 3.5mm stereo (linear level, impedance: 600Ω)

Body structure:

High-strength engineering plastics

Installation size

system applications

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