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Red Apple LED Small Pitch Screen (P1.5)
price $ 66666
order amount 1 piece
  • PE63D15 Model PE63D15
  • 红苹果 Brand Red Apple
  • 生产商 Manufacturer nature
  • 杭州市 Location Hangzhou

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【a brief introdction】
PE63D15 LED small-pitch screen (P1.5) is a 1.5mm pitch product for red apple LED display. PE63D15 LED small-pitch LED display unit is the main product for red apple small-pitch LED display control system, which has both good display effect and relative Moderate cost, advanced products, reliability, ease of use, environmental adaptability, manufacturing technology, energy saving and environmental protection. Mainly used in video conferences, command and dispatch monitoring centers, exhibitions, radio and television media.
【Detailed description】

The seamless splicing large screen display system has the following advantages:
I. Really seamless stitching technology <br /> Mosaic large-screen display technology has been unable to avoid the influence of the frame to meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent. In the current ultra-narrow-edge DID professional LCD screen, the stitching after stitching still fails to reach The customer's seamless stitching requirements are precisely because of this, all splicing screen manufacturers have been working on this research, but because of the shortcomings, they still can't do it. Thanks to the inherent advantages of seamless large-screen LED display splicing.

The LED screen can be spliced in any direction, any size, and any shape. The picture is even *, the audience is wider, and the screen is truly seamless. Especially in the case of monitoring the background wall or the background screen of the performance stage, the advantages of the seamless screen are more obvious. The image picture can be divided arbitrarily, and multiple input signals can be received and displayed on the screen at the same time. The picture is not separated and there are no black lines. , There is no case of missing information.
Second, the response time is extremely small. In digital display technology, any continuous video is composed of many still picture frames. The replacement time of each adjacent two frames is an important measure of the coherence and clarity of the images received by the audience. index. This time of LED display is extremely short, in the nanosecond level, so it has great advantages compared with LCD and projector, especially when monitoring the screen and playing dynamic video.

Compared to cameras and camcorders that record images, the display screen is a device for restoring images. We usually come in contact with liquid crystal displays (LCD), plasma (PDP), projection and LED displays, and LED screens. The advantages of brightness, color, power consumption and response time are obvious.

Screen category

Liquid crystal display (LCD)

Plasma (PDP)


显示屏 LED display


Backlight projection


Backlight projection


Number of colors
















Less than 108 inches

More than 42 inches

Any size

Any size

Power consumption





Response time

Medium milliseconds

Tiny microseconds

Medium milliseconds

Minimal nanosecond

Note: 1 millisecond = 1000 microseconds = 1000000 nanoseconds

Third, intelligent brightness adjustment

The brightness of the LED display refers to the intensity of light emitted per unit area, the unit is cd / ㎡, which is simply the intensity of light emitted by a one square meter display. The brightness of the LED display is a key technical indicator for measuring the large screen. The brightness of the screen determines its application, such as installing a display screen in an indoor environment, and the brightness can be within 1500cd / m2. The outdoor environment has sufficient light and strong ambient light, so the brightness of the display should be increased to at least 5500cd / m2 to deal with the problem of not being able to see clear images during the day.
Fourth, wide viewing angle In terms of viewing angle requirements, our company's display can reach a wide viewing angle of 160 ° horizontally and 160 ° vertically. The display image is soft and the pixel density is large, suitable for outdoor viewing.

According to the project use environment and application field, our company scientifically and rationally designs the visible range of the display screen.

Fifth, single-point correction technology <br /> On the basis of the original single-point correction, the new screen brightness, chroma correction and single module brightness, chroma correction technology. The brightness and chrominance correction of the entire screen will be adjusted according to the specific conditions of the project. The brightness and chrominance of the entire screen will be corrected at intervals of one to two years. This can ensure that the screen's brightness and Chromaticity.
1.Single-point brightness correction Measure the brightness of each LED through a light-sensing camera device, designate the pixel with the darkest brightness value in the entire system as the basic LED point, and compare all other pixels with it. Change the input current to change the brightness and achieve Full screen brightness * Purpose. Through the single-point luminance and chromaticity correction of LEDs, the chromaticity deviation range of each LED is less than ± 1.5%, and the human eye can no longer perceive this deviation range. Therefore, the color of the LED display can be bright and uniform, and the unevenness of chromaticity and brightness can be eliminated. Mosaic phenomenon.

Before single-point color correction After single-point color correction
Sixth, broadcast-level grayscale processing <br /> The grayscale level mainly depends on the performance of the system's video processing chip, memory and transmission system. Currently, the mainstream domestic display screens use 8-bit processing system with 256-level grayscale, from 256 to black and white. This kind of brightness changes, a total of 106.7 million colors. Our company uses high-end driver chips from Taiwan. The 16-bit processing system reaches 65536 gray levels, which can constitute 281 trillion colors.

Dark texture is clear. Black blocks appear in the dark.
Seven, wide color gamut coverage <br /> The light that the human eye can see is called visible light, and the visible spectrum on the spectrogram is the light with a wavelength from 380nm to 780nm, and it passes R red, G green, B Mixing these three colors of blue, you can get light in almost the entire visible spectrum.
Eight, picture splicing technology <br /> In the video processing task of dealing with large screens (resolutions of more than 1920 points in any direction), we have selected the multi-screen splicer technology for simultaneous multi-screen splicing. Due to the huge amount of data processing in multiple screens, pure hardware decoding and processing functions are required. Professional image processing equipment can display multiple dynamic screens on multiple screens to achieve multi-window stitching. Designed for the occasions that require high-quality display of multiple video images, it provides an ideal solution for large screen multi-screen fusion needs.

Multi-picture stitching system

The multi-screen splicing controller can support the spliced display of multiple screens, and supports multiple video input modes, including composite video (DVD or camera signals), computer signals (VGA and DVI signals), etc. Among them, for composite video, NTSC / PAL can be adaptive; for computer video, it can support almost all common display resolutions; digital video can support 1080P high-definition signals.
This system has functions such as Web-based control, dynamic window resizing, adding borders and titles, and each input can be resized and positioned anywhere on the screen. The display mode is almost unlimited. Support real-time, dynamic window movement and resizing.
The processor supports VGA, DVI, VGA, S-VIDO, YPBPR and other inputs, and DVI-I output.
Nine, high efficiency PFC power supply is more energy efficient

Red Apple uses a unique dual-efficiency energy-saving technology combining a unique high-efficiency light-emitting chip and an energy-saving driver IC to fundamentally solve the peak power consumption of the product. The real-time dynamic power consumption technology greatly saves the power consumption of continuous use of the splicing wall. .
By improving the power factor, the interference of various components in the LED power supply system line to the power supply system is reduced. In this way, the use of a switching power supply with PFC function not only plays a role in purifying the power grid and improving power quality, but also reduces the large screen itself. Electricity loss and electricity savings are the best of both worlds.
Ten, the screen brightness is uniform *
Compared with the backlight LCD and rear projection splicing wall, the brightness uniformity of the LED display is excellent. After the single-point correction is ensured, the brightness of the entire screen is uniform *, there is no bright edge and dark edge, and there is no fancy screen or Local mosaic phenomenon.

LCD light leakage is serious

Projection splicing screen has serious edge effects

LED display imaging is even and transparent

量低、散热好、超级静 Eleven, low heat, good heat dissipation, super quiet

To help customers achieve energy-efficient power utilization, Red Apple uses a unique dual-efficiency energy-saving technology combining unique high-efficiency light-emitting chips and energy-saving driver ICs to fundamentally solve the peak power consumption of the product. The real-time dynamic power consumption technology greatly saves splicing. Power consumption when the wall is used continuously.

LED display adopts green light-emitting technology, high light spot conversion efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. And adopt high-efficiency PFC function switching power supply to power LED, which can reduce the energy consumption of the whole screen to the minimum.

体占用空间更小 Twelve, the screen takes up less space

The advantage of LED display compared with rear projection is that the rear maintenance space is small, generally within 1m, which can be suitable for embedding on the existing wall without changing the structure of the house. In the case of the same display area, the depth distance is far less than the requirement of the rear projection on the application site. Even if the rear projection method is projected on the screen after one or more reflections, the depth distance is reduced at the expense of brightness. However, the space occupied by the rear projection method is larger than the LED display. This is the rear projection screen method. The fundamental flaw.

The LED screen is thin and the projection screen takes up a lot of space

Product number


灯种类 LED Light Type

SMD1010 Surface Mounted Light ( SMD1010 )

1 LED 管芯参数 ( 1 ) LED die parameters

Serial number

Glow color

light intensity

Dominant wavelength



5mA 2.0V Red (test conditions: 5mA , 2.0V )



The wavelength and brightness of the die are typical values


2mA 3.0V Green (test conditions: 2mA , 3.0V )




2mA 3.0V Blue (test conditions: 2mA , 3.0V )



2 )像素点参数 ( 2 ) Pixel parameters

R G B/3 6 1 In order to achieve the best white balance effect for color matching, the color matching ratio of each color brightness is required to be R : G : B / 3 : 6 : 1 .


灯种类 LED Light Type



Dot Pitch



Pixel composition


3 )模组技术参数 ( 3 ) Module technical parameters


( × ) Module resolution ( width x height )

像素 ×108 像素 192 pixels x 108 pixels


( × ) Module size ( width x height )

)300mm×( )168.75mm ( W ) 300mm × ( H ) 168.75mm


Module surface treatment

Without mask

4 )箱体技术参数 ( 4 ) Box technical parameters


( × ) Cabinet resolution ( width x height )

像素× 216 像素 384 pixels × 216 pixels


( × ) Module distribution ( width x height )

× 2 2 × 2


Flatness between modules



Box size (width × height × thickness)

× 337.5mm × 58mm 600mm × 337.5mm × 58mm


Cabinet weight

箱体; 36Kg/ m ² 7.3Kg / box; 36Kg / m ²


Installation method

Back frame fixed installation

5 )屏体技术参数 ( 5 ) Technical parameters of the screen


Dot density

/ m ² 409600 dots /


6500K Brightness (white field color temperature 6500K )

² 可调 200cd ~ 1000cd / m ² adjustable


/ 垂直视角 Horizontal viewing angle / vertical viewing angle

° /160 ° 160 ° / 160 °





Chromaticity uniformity

0.003 Cx,Cy 之内 Within ± 0.003 Cx, within Cy


Most gao contrast

4000:1 4000: 1


Protection class

IP61 正面: IP41 Back: IP61 Front: IP41

6 )系统控制参数 ( 6 ) System control parameters


Signal color processing bits

16bit Red, green and blue ≥ 16bit each


Drive way

Constant current drive


Frame rate

/ 60 frames / second


Refresh rate

1920HZ 高刷≤ 3840Hz Normal brush ≤ 1920HZ high brush ≤ 3840Hz


Screen body color temperature

10000K 可调 2000K 10000K adjustable



/ 自动 / 程控 Manual / Automatic / Program control


Pixel correction

Equipped with brightness and chroma point-by-point correction


control method

Synchronization control


Control distance

, 超过 100 米使用光纤传输 Super Category 5 twisted-pair network cable , over 100 meters using optical fiber transmission


Software interface

Windows XP / 7/8/10


signal input


7 )屏体运行参数 ( 7 ) Screen parameters


Operating Voltage

100V~240V 50~60Hz AC : 100V ~ 240V ( 50 ~ 60Hz )


Peak power

800W/ m ² 800W / m ²


Average power

² 300W/ m ² 100W / m ² to 300W / m ²


Continuous working time

,支持连续不间断显示 ≥7 × 24hrs , support continuous uninterrupted display



小时 ≥10000 hours


寿命 LED life

万小时 100,000 hours


Discrete runaway points

,出厂时为 0 ≤0.0001 , 0 when leaving the factory

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