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PE50T series medium-sized HD analog matrix control system See similar products >>
Medium HD Analog Matrix Control System
price $ 66666
order amount 1 piece
  • PE50T系列 Model PE50T series
  • 红苹果 Brand Red Apple
  • 生产商 Manufacturer nature
  • 杭州市 Location Hangzhou

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【a brief introdction】
Red Apple Analog HD Matrix PE50T series is a new type of analog HD matrix developed by Red Apple for the current analog HD cameras. It supports AHD, HD-CVI, HD-TVI and other HD camera signal input, and supports analog output or HDMI output. Support RS485 and coaxial TVI control ball machine. Support output channel number customization.
The PE50T medium matrix is an upgrade of the PE50M matrix. The maximum analog bandwidth is up to 300MHz. It can be controlled by a network keyboard and supports high-definition HDMI output conversion. The system integration is higher.
【Detailed description】

feature of product

  • Support Ethernet control;
  • Support arbitrary input and output switching control;
  • Supports up to 32 inputs and 16 outputs;
  • Support input signal loop-out;
  • Support analog high-definition input (AHD, HD-TVI, HD-CVI);
  • Support coaxial control;
  • Supports analog and digital output interfaces;
  • Support HD digital output conversion;
  • Support output resolution setting;
  • Support control protocol access and customization;
  • Support network keyboard control or serial port control mode;
  • Support 300MHz analog bandwidth to ensure the stability of analog HD signal transmission;
  • Support RS-485 ball machine control;
  • Support TVI coaxial dome camera;

Technical Parameters:

Interface parameters

Video input

32 路输入,支持 32 路环出; The single machine supports a maximum of 32 inputs and 32 loop outputs;

AHD HD-TVI HD-CVI CVBS 信号; Support AHD , HD-TVI , HD-CVI , CVBS signals;

1Vp-p 75 Ω, 1Vp-p ;

BNC connector;

Video output

HDMI 输出; Support analog output and HDMI output;

16 路; Analog output, single machine supports up to 16 channels;

75 Ω, 1Vp-p Analog output, 75 Ω, 1Vp-p ;

8 路; HDMI output, single machine supports up to 8 channels;

HDMI output

1920 × 1080P@60Hz 1280 × 720P@60Hz Support 1920 × 1080P @ 60Hz , 1280 × 720P @ 60Hz ;

Output support is best suited for resolution adaptation;


10/100MHz 自适应; 1 channel 10 / 100MHz adaptive;

RJ45 connector;


3.81 接线端子; 1 way, 3.81 wiring terminal;


RJ45 连接器; 3 way, RJ45 connector;

Protocol control

Matrix control

PE-net protocol; (standard)

Support custom keyboard control protocol;

Dome agreement

Pelco-D 协议;(标准) Pelco-P protocol, Pelco-D protocol; (standard)

HD-TVI coaxial control protocol; (standard)

Support custom dome control protocol;

Management Agreement

Ipconfig 管理协议; Support Ipconfig management protocol;

Management and maintenance

Basic application

Support multiple keyboard control;

System management and configuration

ipconfig 搜索及管理; Support ipconfig search and management;

Support client management configuration;

system maintenance

Support upgrade function;

System factory configuration

Multiple product models can be defined according to functional requirements;

Other parameters

Device power

AC110-220V input;

Equipment power consumption

25W 25W ;

Equipment working temperature

55 ℃; 0 55 ℃;

Equipment working humidity

90% 10% to 90% ;

Mechanical structure

2U 机箱; Standard structure design, 2U chassis;


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