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Red Apple Full Function Control Keyboard
price $ 9999
order amount 1 piece
  • PE5125 Model PE5125
  • 红苹果 Brand Red Apple
  • 生产商 Manufacturer nature
  • 杭州市 Location Hangzhou

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【a brief introdction】
The PE5125 control keyboard can not only control the PE brand series matrix hosts, but also directly control the image processors and DVRs of various brands, and directly control the dome and decoder of multiple protocols.
The keyboard has a novel and elegant appearance, and the 240 & # 215; 128 large graphic dot-matrix LCD screen makes the operation more convenient and intuitive. There are 47 keys on the panel, including 8 macro keys, 8 custom keys, and several multi-function keys, equipped with a 3-dimensional joystick. There are 3 data communication ports at the bottom of the keyboard, and a 10 / 100M network port. The purpose and baud rate of each data communication port can be defined by the user.
【Detailed description】

The powerful macro function can not only combine the operation of different devices, but also edit a series of preset functions to simplify various complex operations to the greatest extent. Macro operations can be edited and defined on a computer and downloaded to the keyboard for operation. Multiple macro keys can be used to manage macro operations of different functions in groups.

自带的10/100M自适应网络端口使键盘能够直接与局域网上的设备进行通讯,从而直接在网上控制多种设备,完成其它设备不能企及的功能。 PE512X's built-in 10 / 100M adaptive network port enables the keyboard to directly communicate with the devices on the local area network, thereby directly controlling a variety of devices on the network and completing functions that other devices cannot match.

This keyboard also has a variety of built-in MIDI sound effects, which prompts for different events with different sounds.

In addition to the above, the keyboard customization and PC online upgrade function make this keyboard no longer limited to the traditional keyboard definition, but a powerful, super-controller with convenient upgrade and maintenance.

Function introduction

● User login and permissions

Supports 1 system administrator, 1 user administrator, and up to 64 operators

● Operating mode

)矩阵操作模式 1 ) Matrix operation mode

Can control the full range of Red Apple mainframes, including general operations, general settings and menu programming

)DVR操作模式 2 ) DVR operation mode

Can control multiple brands of DVR, including various functions of DVR panel keyboard

)球机操作模式 3 ) Dome operation mode

Direct control of Red Apple Protocol, PELCO-P or D protocol domes and decoders

● Communication port

个数据通讯端口和1个开关量输出端口,用于连接矩阵主机、专业录像机、网络矩阵、球机或报警箱等。 4 data communication ports and 1 digital output port are used to connect matrix host, professional video recorder, network matrix, dome or alarm box, etc.

● Joystick and key detection

The keyboard detects and displays indicators such as the center position of the joystick, the up-down, left-right offset, and the left-right rotation change. It automatically monitors the button status and resets the center position of the joystick when it is powered on. A dedicated status bar on the LCD screen displays corresponding status information

● Macro instructions and macro operations

A macro operation is defined on a special macro key, and a set of operation instructions can be executed through different numbered macro operations.

Technical Parameters

Types of


Communication distance

、RS422通讯距离1300M RS485 , RS422 communication distance 1300M

Display method

×62mm大尺寸蓝屏LCD 111mm × 62mm large size blue screen LCD

communication method




Ethernet 10 / 100M

supporting agreement


Communication speed:


Connection method:

RJ45 seat

Number of keys:

47 keys

PTZ control:

维矢量摇杆 3D Vector Rocker

Power-off memory protection:

10 years

Operating temperature:

℃~ +45℃ -10 ℃ ~ + 45 ℃

Operating Voltage:

配100-220VAC 50/60Hz稳压电源) 12VDC ( with 100-220VAC 50 / 60Hz regulated power supply)

Working power:


Host weight:


Installation size:

(长)×189(宽)×56(高)mm 379 (length) × 189 (width) × 56 (height) mm

Installation method:




Body structure:

High-strength engineering plastics

控制键盘尺寸图 PE5125 control keyboard size chart

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