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Yes, this time we are also on the spot. The live video of the super-burning Zhejiang te police assembled military training!

11/8/2019 Read (454)

In order to respond to the important deployment of military training by the Ministry of Public Security, we have comprehensively tested the results of actual training conducted by security agencies in the province this year, and made every effort to maintain national and social stability. At 5 am, all the participating team members received multi-channel, three-dimensional jin force delivery methods such as helicopters, high-speed rail, and motorized advancement after receiving the advance order, and all arrived at the designated rallying site-Shaoxing Paojiang within 4 hours.

Red Apple's high-definition digital decoding equipment and PE5128S control keyboard achieve full point-to-point and visual command throughout the province.

Red Apple HD Digital Decoding Device

In each era of peace, there is a group of people who move forward silently for peace and harmony. Every highlight moment condenses the efforts of all Red Apple people. From research and development to technology to production, the interlocking can ensure the quality and quantity. Challenge every mission. From the G20 Hangzhou Summit, Internet conference, major conference and exhibition project security, te police training exercises, from security monitoring to real-time video live broadcast, Red Apple products are also constantly expanding the application field, challenging high-intensity and difficult project applications. 红苹果将继续以视频矩阵、高清解码设备为核心产品,提供优越的显控整体集成解决方案,努力解锁更多新领域的解决方案应用。 Each challenge witnesses growth and gains. Red Apple will continue to use video matrix and high-definition decoding equipment as its core products, provide superior integrated integrated solutions for display and control, and strive to unlock more new areas of solution applications.

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