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With good news and frequent news, Red Apple has won two awards!

3/6/2017 Read (3291)

In March of the spring, everything is updated,

In this spring day,

The good news of Red Apple Electronics keeps coming,

2017年3月3日 On March 3, 2017

Hosted by China Security Exhibition Network

"Sizheng Cup" at the 7th China Security Brand Top 100 Awards Ceremony

Win one after another

China's top ten brands of security video surveillance ,

PM70 H.265 HD network digital matrix wins innovative product

Two awards

Awards ceremony scene

After nearly six months of intense online and offline voting and professional review by security industry experts, Red Apple

Break through the numerous fights, Zui finally broke through

China's top ten security video surveillance brands

Top Ten Brands in China Security Video Surveillance Category

聚焦纯硬件集成高清视频监控平台解决方案及产品开发,尤其专注于视频上墙部分矩阵及高清解码设备研发及生产这个核心立场始终不变。 Innovation is the soul of corporate growth. Red Apple focuses on pure hardware integration of high-definition video surveillance platform solutions and product development. In particular, its core stance remains the focus on the development and production of video matrix and HD decoding equipment. 包括网络高清数字矩阵、SDI高清数字矩阵、混合高清数字矩阵和大规模混合带图控功能的高清数字矩阵在内能满足所有应用需求的高清矩阵产品,为目前是安防行业类型和规格zui齐全的高清矩阵厂家之一。 At present, Red Apple already has high-definition matrix products that can meet all application requirements, including network high-definition digital matrix, SDI high-definition digital matrix, hybrid high-definition digital matrix, and large-scale mixed high-definition digital matrix with graphic control function. It is currently the type of security industry And specifications zui complete HD matrix manufacturers. In 2016, Red Apple Zui newly launched a compressed high-definition network digital matrix with H.265 as the core and a non-compressed high-definition network digital matrix with a processing capacity of up to 24 bits based on point-to-point pixel transmission processing, which can handle 4K-8K resolution. Rate image. PM70 H.265 series high-definition network digital matrix, compatible with the decoding of various mainstream manufacturers H265 equipment and compatible with H264 products; powerful decoding display performance to achieve single-screen high-definition multi-screen display capabilities; any function is a red apple The unique functions in the field of decoding, and the product design concept of the matrix meet the arbitrary control of the field operation, which really matches the flexible control of the original simulation. 高清网络数字矩阵此次又在众多创新产品中脱颖而出,一举获得中国安防十大品牌创新产品奖。 PM70 H.265 high-definition network digital matrix stands out among many innovative products this time, and won the China Top Ten Brand Innovation Product Award in one fell swoop.

PM70 H.265 HD network digital matrix

China Security Top Ten Brands Innovative Product Award

Honor to witness history,

Regarding the future,

We are still working hard

Because focused, professional

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