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Red Apple HD network matrix successfully applied to Xinjiang Mobile company project

8/11/2015 Read (3644)

The colleagues from the Red Apple Xinjiang Office reported a new zui news. The new Red Apple PM70 HD network digital matrix and PE90 HD digital matrix were successfully applied to the Xinjiang Mobile Company project. The following is the project site installation and operation diagram

Upstairs 32 unit splicing screen is realized by 1 PE90 HD digital matrix

The 12 monitors downstairs are realized by 2 PM70 HD network digital matrix sharing a streaming media

Cabinet real shot

PM70 HD network digital matrix field operation chart

PM70 HD Network Digital Matrix Project Application List
Video monitoring project of a newly built community in Kuche County, Xinjiang Hisun Pharmaceutical Factory Area (including Fuyang, Taizhou, Jiangsu)
A monitoring system Chenggong Yuhua Police Station video image wall system video surveillance project at a certain site in Turpan, Xinjiang. Video surveillance project at an ancient city site in Jimusal, Xinjiang. Remote video surveillance system for land and resources (Chongzuo, Nanning, Guangxi).
* A * Operation Command Center Project Hongguangshan China Mobile Xinjiang Branch Marketing Center Base Project Beihuayuan Kindergarten Weak Current Project Shenyang Qipanshan Forest Fire Prevention Yongtai Greenhouse IoT System Project Yuanjiajie Ropeway Monitoring Project Henan Shuofang Hotel Monitoring Jianghan District, Wuhan Detention Center Reconstruction Project Hunan * Project Jianghan District Detention Center Beijing Fengtai West Railway Station Private Room Project Yan'an Mizhi District Video Surveillance Project Hunan * Project Lianyungang Zhifang Technology Co., Ltd. Product Prototype Dangyang Dongfang International Garden Community Monitoring Project Yichang City * Command Central Project Dajing Town, Gulang County, Gansu Province Monitoring Project Guangxi Qingning Building Monitoring Shenhua Petroleum Transmission Pipeline Project Yancheng Binhai County Detention Center Monitoring Project Yancheng Tinghu District Environmental Protection Industrial Park Police Station Bus Station Monitoring Shandong Sun Paper New Plant Video Monitoring Project Beijing Jiuxianqiao Innovation Industrial Park Security System Reconstruction Project A monitoring project in the U.S.A. Jiaozhou Government Office Building Monitoring and Reconstruction Project Kaiye Taoyuan District, Shanxi Province Daye City * Bureau New Building Command Center Large Screen Project Xixi Traditional Chinese Hospital Video Surveillance Expansion Project Xi'an-Shenmu Chengtai Garden Xi'an area video surveillance - sub-long People's Court of the city of Nanyang Tobacco Conference Center System Project Xi'an - Shenmu County, Yulin City Tower store video surveillance project as a whole squadron *

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