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Red Apple in-depth marketing promotion team walks into Qingdao

7/9/2015 Read (3576)

From July 1st to July 10th, 2015, Red Apple's Shandong In-depth Marketing Promotion Campaign entered Qingdao and kicked off at the "China Security Service Alliance Qingdao Station" event hosted by HC Network. On July 2, the China Security Service Alliance sponsored by Zhejiang Red Apple Electronics Co., Ltd., Beijing Hanbang Hi-Tech Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Kuaiyu Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Qingdao, held at Qingdao De'ai Garden Hotel. More than a hundred engineering contractors at the site came to the site and had in-depth exchanges with them on issues they were concerned about in actual business. The guests affirmed the innovation of China Security Service Alliance in the cooperation of security engineering, and hoped to deepen cooperation with each other to promote the continuous development of Shandong's security industry. The media present at the scene were Qilu Evening News, Qingdao News Network, and Qilu Network together witnessing the 2015 China Security Service Alliance Qingdao Station event.

Event site

Marketing Director Hu Lijun conducts guest interviews

Red Apple focused on displaying high-definition IP video surveillance system solutions at the event site. New high-definition network monitoring products such as PM70 high-definition network digital matrix and PE5128 high-definition network keyboard were unveiled at the event. Guests at the site saw the powerful compatibility of Red Apple's high-definition digital matrix and experience Feel the super strength of Red Apple products and solutions.

Forum live product display

In the following days, Red Apple's in-depth marketing team continued to visit Qingdao customers for product demonstrations and technical exchange activities. The Red Apple team will bring new products and solutions from Zui to conduct direct face-to-face interaction with customers, carefully listen to customers' rationalization suggestions, further explore and exchange successful experiences and new application solutions, and jointly promote and actively promote each other's in-depth business Cooperation.

Qingdao customer demonstration site

Qingdao customer demonstration site

Product demonstration site

Later, Red Apple will further promote exchange activities in Yantai, Zibo, Jining and other regions. We also hope that friends who intend to have face-to-face product and technical exchanges with Red Apple will actively contact us.

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