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Bathroom credit card machine offer

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【a brief introdction】

Xingtianxia Bathroom Swipe Card Machine adopts advanced waterproof seal design, which is waterproof and moisture-proof. With good safety, the power supply system has short circuit and leakage protection. (Quote of bathroom credit card machine, which one is better for water control)

【Detailed description】


  Adopt advanced waterproof seal design, with waterproof and moisture-proof function.

  Good safety, power supply system with short circuit and leakage protection.

  Unique water-saving design, water can be discharged when the card is released, and water will be stopped when the card is taken.

每次刷卡预购用水量,当用完预购水时自动停止出水,或按时间实时计费,取卡停止出水。 Each time you swipe your card for pre-purchased water, the water will automatically stop when the pre-purchased water is used up, or you will be charged in real time according to the time. 浴室刷卡机报价,水控刷卡机哪家好 ( Quote of bathroom credit card machine, which one is better for water control )

  With a pause function, more user-friendly design.

  Built-in perpetual calendar clock.

  10 个消费时段、在软件上可随意设定用户的限次、限额,限制用水量。 You can set 10 consumption periods, and you can set user limits and limits on the software to limit water consumption.

  With power-down data protection.

  Perfect anti-theft water function.

  The water control machine can be operated offline, without network connection, using the setting card to set parameters and collect data, and the installation is simple.

  Flexible billing methods: timing or metering to meet different system requirements.

  zui小计量单位 1 . zui小计费单位: 0.01 元。 High billing accuracy, small measurement unit : 1 liter , .ui small billing unit: 0.01 yuan.

软件操作简单,报表功能完善。 Simple software operation and perfect report function. 浴室刷卡机报价,水控刷卡机哪家好 ( Quote of bathroom credit card machine, which one is better for water control )

Technical Parameters


  Mifare 1 Card Type: Mifare 1   IC card

  50--100mm Operating distance: 50--100mm

  13.56MHz Working frequency: 13.56MHz

  0.1S Read and write time: < 0.1S

  100 万张 Card issuing capacity: 1 million

  2048 Storage capacity: 2048

  RS485 Communication method: RS485

  ≤1200m Communication distance: ≤1200m

  DC12V Working voltage: DC12V

  0 70 Ambient temperature: 0 70

  155mm ×115mm×40mm Dimensions: 155mm × 115mm × 40mm

  Work     <3W( Consumption: < 3W ( )

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