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CL912B / WCTRLPA Kenzo wall-mounted constant pressure speaker

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  • Guangzhou Hongqing Audio Technology Co., Ltd.
  • 650 yuan
  • 2019-12-11 17:44:31
  • Guangzhou City
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【a brief introdction】

CTRLPA Kenzo wall-mounted constant pressure speaker processing customization is the article number 20181015

【Detailed description】

CTRLPA Kenzo wall-mounted constant pressure speaker

Custom processing Yes Article number 20181015 Types of Speakers
Brand CTRLPA Kenzo model CL912B / W Whether cross-border supply no
Speakers Indoor wall-mounted constant pressure speaker

CTRLPA Kenzo wall-mounted constant pressure speaker

* Self-provided horizontal and vertical hanging holes for easy installation

* High-quality engineering plastic injection molding, durable, no deformation, *
* Loudspeaker damping treatment, long life, clear sound CTRLPA Kenzo wall-mounted constant pressure speaker

* Speaker unit: 5 "× 1 2" × 1
* Rated power: 30W
* Working voltage: 70 / 100V
* Sensitivity: 90 ± 2dB
* Maximum sound pressure level: 105 ± 2dB
* Effective frequency range: 75Hz-20kHz
* Size (L × W × H): 242 × 185 × 165mm
* Weight: 3.0kg

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