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TL-106 Fiberboard Wall Mount Speaker

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【a brief introdction】

TL-106 fiberboard wall-mounted speaker: TL-106 high-quality fiberboard wall-mounted speaker with overhang damping treatment, long life, high sensitivity (up to 92 & amp; # 177; 2dB), and clear sound.

【Detailed description】

TL-106 Fiberboard Wall Mount Speaker

Also known as wall-mounted audio, it consists of a sound source input device, a signal amplifier (power amplifier), and a wall-mounted speaker. It is a complete set of audio systems.

◆ Working voltage 70 / 100V, power 1.5-10W (multiple matching terminals), suitable for different occasions;
◆ zui loud sound pressure level reaches 100 ± 2dB, the effective frequency range is as wide as 160Hz-18kHz;
◆ weighs 1.75kg, has its own suspension holes, and is easy to install; ◆, high-quality engineering plastic injection molding, durable, no deformation, *;

TL-106 Fiberboard Wall Mount Speaker

◆ Speaker cantilever damping treatment, long life, high sensitivity (up to 92 ± 2dB), clear sound.

1. Pronunciation method without speakers Flat panel speakers have no speakers. They are pronounced by exciting bending waves in the sound board. They are pronounced at 180 ° on the plane, which is different from the traditional 40 ° ~ 90 ° speakers. Make the sound of harmony and power be heard anywhere in the listening space, and the "Emperor's seat" is everywhere!
2. Sound quality effect The sound quality has very high sensitivity, wide directivity, uniform sound field distribution, clearer sound quality, good transient response, and strong sense of depth. The sounding principle makes the audience sound "no ear-sharpness near, clear from far away, I do n’t know where the sound comes from, and music is everywhere, achieving “no distance, all space” listening experience!
3. High practicality Due to the use of new high-tech materials, the speaker screen has a strong light feeling, pleasing tones, light and heat-resistant, dust-proof, waterproof, intelligent, power-saving, environmental protection, space-saving features, time and space. The combination of * allows you to "listen to a song and see to be a painting". Speaker speaker
4. Individual decoration buyers can freely choose the style and style of the product according to the decoration effect and space layout of the space they use, such as calligraphy and painting, wedding photography, family pictures and so on! Due to the use of new technology, the product is ultra-thin (3cm). Picture and sound are a perfect match for home decoration!
5. Do not disturb the neighbors. Because the DS flat panel art sound is 180 ° surround space, it can control the sound range. The sound spreads in a curved wave and spreads, so as not to affect the neighbors!
6. Products with low power consumption are specially designed and used for home, leisure, etc. The driving part has low power and high speaker sensitivity, which can save 1/4 of the electricity.

为了保证每个项目的工程配套设备合理可靠,我不断创新进取、精心设计,为售前和售后服务竭力做到尽善尽美,受到用户的*好评。 Guangzhou Hongqing Audio Technology Co., Ltd. In order to ensure the reasonable and reliable engineering supporting equipment for each project, I am constantly innovating, meticulous design, and strive to be perfect for the pre-sales and after-sales service, and have been praised by users. Our service tenet is that "credit first, customer first" brings better products and technologies to everyone.

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