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JBL CM68 | Conference Speakers | Wall Mounted Speakers-Shenghai Innovation Wholesale

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  • JBL CM68 | Conference Speakers | Wall Mounted Speakers-Shenghai Innovation Wholesale

  • JBL CM68 | Conference Speakers | Wall Mounted Speakers-Shenghai Innovation Wholesale

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经销商 Manufacturer Nature: Distributor
北京市 Location: Beijing
2019-12-27 18:44:15 Updated: 2019-12-27 18:44:15
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Product introduction

Beijing Shenghai Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. distributes JBL audio speakers conference audio engineering wall-mounted audio background music audio panoramic sound home theater top background music speakers fever surround speakers

Detailed introduction

JBL CM68 | Conference Speakers | Wall Mounted Conference Speakers | Conference Speakers-Soundsea Innovation Wholesale Conference System Speaker Project Professional Stage Performance Audio Wedding Training Conference Room High Power Active Audio Conference Speakers Wall Speakers Conference Speakers JBL Conference Speakers JBL Wall Speakers Speaker JBL Audio Beijing Soundsea Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. Distribution JBL Audio Speaker Conference Audio Engineering Wall Mounted Audio Background Music Audio Panorama Sound Home Theater Top Background Music Speaker Fever Surround Speaker JBL CONTROL CM68 Wall Mounted Speaker JBL Background Speaker CM68CM68 Speaker Technical Parameters Product Description: 2-way Nominal impedance (ohm) of crossover 6.5 inch full frequency conference speaker: 8 Ohms input power (continuous / divided value): 100/200 frequency response range (-6dB): 108Hz-18kHz (-8dB) crossover point: 3kHz sensitivity (@ 1W / 1M): 87dB high-frequency transducer: 25mm dome driver IF transducer: N / A low-frequency transducer: 168mm paper cone drive unit Speaker weight: 3.6 kg Speaker size: 387mm × 1,232mm × 273mm1.jpg Control CM62 Wall-Mounted Speaker Country of Origin: USA Place of Origin: Taiwan 2-way crossover 6.5 "full range conference speaker High frequency: 2 5mm dome driver mid frequency: N / A low frequency: 168mm paper cone drive unit maximum sound pressure level: 107dB coverage angle: 90 ° × 60 ° nominal impedance: 8Ω input power: 100/200 (continuous / peak) frequency response: 108Hz -18kHz (-8dB) sensitivity: 87dB (@ 1W / 1M) DIMENSIONS (HxWxD) 320mmX230mmX210mm (12.6 "X8.27" X9.06 ") NET WEIGHT 3.6kg (7.94lbs) COMPONWNTS 1X6.6" (168mm) LF driver , 1X1 "(25mm) HF driver FREQUENCY RESPONSE 108Hz-18kHz + 4dB / -8dBNOMINAL IMPEDANCE 9.0HX60v@-6dbpointsPOWER HANDLING Passive: 100watts contious, 200watts programSENSITIVITY 87dB, 1watt @ 1 metreMAXIMUM SPL 107dB continuousNOMINAL IMPUCTION 3oversohmicCover 6dB / octave Butterworth CONNECTORS Red and black blinding post OPTIONS Black or white Size (height x width x depth): 320mm × 210mm × 230mm High-power all-weather indoor / outdoor stereo speaker speaker series | Amplifier series | Microphone series | Mixer series | Linear Array Speaker | Sound Peripheral Equipment Series | Sound Engineering Solution | Home Theater Sound Engineering | Small Cinema Project | KTV Entertainment Music Engineering | Conference Room Audio Engineering | Government Office Audio Engineering | Church Audio Engineering | Hotel Audio Engineering | Business Unit Audio Engineering | School Audio Engineering | Audio Maintenance Knowledge | Acoustic Failure Knowledge Understanding | Audio Warranty and Maintenance Process | Audio Engineering Operation Mode | Maintenance of professional audio equipment | Video engineering solution | Exhibition display large screen engineering solution | Video conference engineering solution | Holographic projection engineering solution | Big screen splicing fusion engineering solution | Interactive projection engineering solution | Multimedia classroom supporting solution | JBL audio | KTV entertainment Speakers | KM Series Speakers | RM Series Speakers | KES Series Speakers | Conference System Speakers | Background System Speakers | Hidden Speakers | Audio Amplifiers | Home Theater | KTV Audio | Bar Audio | Lighting Audio | Conference Audio | KTV Audio Installation | Conference Audio Installation | Home Theater Sound Project | Small Cinema Project | KTV Entertainment Project | Meeting Room Sound Project | Government Office Sound Project | Church Sound Project | Hotel Sound Project | Enterprise Unit Sound Project | School Sound Project | KTV Sound Project Solution | KTV Private Room Speaker | Home Theater Sound Project | Cinema Project | Home Theater Project | Cinema Project | Small Cinema project | Multimedia conference room audio project | Conference room audio and video project | Meeting room audio project | Municipal government office conference room audio project | Church audio project Conference Room Audio Engineering | College Multimedia Audio Engineering | Academic Speakers Audio Engineering | College Audio Engineering | Sound Engineering | Multifunctional Hall Audio Engineering | Conference Room Audio System | Multifunctional Hall Audio Lighting
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