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Beijing Shenghai Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. > > JBL X8JBL X8 professional amplifier wholesale KTV amplifier karaoke amplifier

JBL X8 Professional Amplifier Wholesale KTV Amplifier Karaoke Amplifier

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  • JBL X8 Professional Amplifier Wholesale KTV Amplifier Karaoke Amplifier

  • JBL X8 Professional Amplifier Wholesale KTV Amplifier Karaoke Amplifier

  • JBL X8 Professional Amplifier Wholesale KTV Amplifier Karaoke Amplifier

  • JBL X8 Professional Amplifier Wholesale KTV Amplifier Karaoke Amplifier

  • JBL X8 Professional Amplifier Wholesale KTV Amplifier Karaoke Amplifier

Product reference price: ¥ 9800.00 Report
JBL X8 Product model: JBL X8
经销商 Manufacturer Nature: Distributor
北京市 Location: Beijing
2019-12-20 10:01:52 Updated: 2019-12-20 10:01:52
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Product introduction

JBL power amplifier, JBL power amplifier, post power amplifier, post power amplifier, dual channel power amplifier, pure rear power amplifier, professional karaoke stage performance, conference amplifier, dual channel 800W KTV card room, dedicated front and rear power amplifier, Beijing Shenghai Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.
JBL X8 Backstage Power Amplifier for Entertainment Engineering Applications

Detailed introduction

功放JBL功率放大器后级功放后级功率放大器双通道功放纯后级功放专业卡拉OK舞台演出会议功放双通道800W KTV卡包房专用前后级功放机 JBL Amplifier JBL Power Amplifier Rear Amplifier Rear Amplifier Dual Channel Amplifier Pure Rear Amplifier Professional Karaoke Stage Performance Conference Amplifier Dual Channel 800W KTV Card Private Room Front and Rear Amplifier


JBL功放 Beijing Shenghai Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. distributes JBL amplifiers


8 适用于娱乐工程应用的后级功率放大器 JBL X 8 Backstage Power Amplifier for Entertainment Engineering Applications


Technical specifications


1kHz (EIA), 0.5% THD

4 ohms stereo (per channel): 1200W

8 ohms stereo (per channel): 800W

8 ohms bridge: 2400W

分钟以上: 950W 4 ohms stereo (per channel) for more than 1 minute: 950W

分钟以上: 2000W 8 ohms bridge operation for more than 1 minute: 2000W



Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz, + 0 / -1dB

Total harmonic distortion: (THD) <0.5%, 20Hz-20kHz

时分别为60Hz7kHz ,从最大值至-30dB<0.35% Intermodulation distortion (IMD) 4: 60Hz and 7kHz at 1 respectively, from maximum to -30dB : <0.35%

Conversion speed:> 15V / us

Voltage gain: 40dB

>250 Damping factor (8 ohms), 10Hz-400Hz : > 250

Signal-to-noise ratio (referenced to rated output power, 20Hz to 20 kHz, A-weighted): > 100dB

20k ohms/10k ohms Crosstalk (referenced to rated output power) at 1kHz / at 20 kHz : 20k ohms / 10k ohms

Input sensitivity (rated power, 8ohms): 0.775V

Input impedance (rated) balanced / unbalanced: 20k ohms / 10k ohms



Protection: peak limiting, DC protection, over-current protection, short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection, soft start at startup

Ventilation: Air convection mechanism after going

Cooling: forced air exhaust, fan cooling, fast adjustment, temperature protection



x14.9(483mm x89mm x378mm) Dimensions (W * H * D) 19 ” x3.5x14.9(483mm x89mm x378mm)

Net weight 16.5kg

Shipping weight 18kg


Packing List

后级功率放大器 1 JBL X8 power amplifier

1 Quick Start Guide

1 warranty card

娱乐音箱JBL专业音箱ktv音箱KTV音箱KTV音箱功放KTV音箱话筒KTV音箱设备专业KTV音箱酒店KTV音箱酒吧慢摇吧KTV音箱KTV功放音箱KTV舞台音箱 会议专业音响JBL娱乐K歌音箱会所酒吧卡拉OK会所会议音响KTV扬声器卡拉OK音箱专业舞台演出卡拉OK音响 JBL entertainment audio JBL entertainment speaker JBL professional speaker ktv speaker KTV speaker KTV speaker amplifier KTV speaker microphone KTV speaker equipment professional KTV speaker hotel KTV speaker bar slow shake bar KTV speaker KTV amplifier speaker KTV stage speaker conference professional audio JBL entertainment K song speaker club bar Karaoke club meeting audio KTV speakers karaoke speakers professional stage performance karaoke speakers


音响音箱KTV专业音箱专业KTV包房音箱专业KTV卡包音箱0小音箱0音箱1功放音箱1音箱3G音箱 ktv audio conference speaker KTV audio speaker KTV professional speaker professional KTV private room speaker professional KTV card package speaker 0 small speaker 0 speaker 1 power amplifier speaker 1 speaker 3G speaker

、多功能应用等高水准声音重放的场所。 Applications: Theaters, DSICO bars, music bars, high-end clubs, high-end business KTV , multi-function applications and other places with high-level sound playback.

KTV sound reinforcement applications

Bars, KTVs and other places where high-quality vocals and music playback are required

Used as a high-performance satellite speaker and subwoofer

音箱酒吧音箱专业K歌音箱音响KTV音响系列卡拉OK音响系统会议音响系统歌厅音响系统会所音响系统多功能厅音响系统家庭影院音响系统jbl专业音响家庭卡拉OK包房音响 Entertainment KTV Professional Speaker Karaoke Speaker Bar Speaker Professional K Song Speaker Sound KTV Audio Series Karaoke Sound System Conference Sound System Karaoke Sound System Clubhouse Sound System Multifunctional Hall Sound System Home Theater Sound System Jbl Professional Sound Home Karaoke Private Room Sound

周年纪念款--不论在外观设计、扩散角度、听音范围、入声表现、频响扩张等方面都实现了技术突破,使得产品的音质更加通透、清晰,覆盖区域更加准确,音质层次感强烈、不会出现假声,音乐性强、节奏感强、男低音厚度明显,女高音甜美入耳,麦克风的广泛兼容等,使其更加适用于KTV 、酒吧、会所、会议中心等多种场合,悦耳入心,带给消费者听觉上的无限享受! Harman JBL KES series is the 70th anniversary of JBL - no matter in appearance design, diffusion angle, listening range, sound performance, frequency response expansion, etc., it has achieved technological breakthroughs, making the sound quality of the product more transparent and clear, The coverage area is more accurate, the sound quality is strong, there is no false sound, the music is strong, the rhythm is strong, the bass is thick, the soprano is sweet, the microphone is widely compatible, etc., making it more suitable for KTV , bars, clubs , Conference centers, and other occasions, pleasant to the heart, bring consumers unlimited listening enjoyment!

国行 保证! Shenghai Innovation-Distribution - National Bank Guarantee!

一切商业用途音视频灯光音响扩声系统工程。 To undertake multi-function halls, conference rooms, lecture halls, dance halls, stadiums, theaters, auditoriums, bars, hotels, private clubs, public broadcasting, stage, classrooms, and KTV, home karaoke, all commercial audio and video lights, sound and sound reinforcement Systems engineering. Provide solutions design, installation and commissioning services.



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