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Shankino mobile phone signal amplification receiver three net call Internet

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  • Shankino mobile phone signal amplification receiver

  • Shankino mobile phone signal amplification receiver

  • Shankino mobile phone signal amplification receiver

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price $ 1998
  • SQ-G02-4G Model SQ-G02-4G
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  • 生产商 Manufacturer nature
  • 佛山市 Foshan City

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Product introduction

Shangkino's mobile phone signal amplification receiver, triple-play, triple-play, and triple-play, adopt a personalized design with a simple appearance and elegant appearance. Electronic components used in the RF circuit, such as amplifiers, filters, and duplexers, are all genuine products from internationally renowned brands. The whole machine has the characteristics of high quality, low power, low power consumption and convenient installation. It is a choice to solve the signal coverage of general small area blind areas and weak areas. It is especially suitable for signal enhancement in small places such as houses, small basements, garages, computer rooms, and meter rooms.

Detailed introduction


1. Uplink and downlink ALC (Automatic Level Control) function;
2. Uplink and downlink 5dB / 10dB / 15dB three-level ATT attenuation function;
3.Signal strength indication function, with power, standing wave, temperature and fault detection, active fault reporting function
4. Ultra-low power consumption; small size and low power consumption
5. Aluminum alloy die-casting shell, small size and light weight;
6.With ATT and ALC control functions
7, the full range of products, with perfect power levels to meet different system requirements using places:
1. Villa, office, rental house, student dormitory signal coverage.
2. Institutional units, concert halls, theaters, churches, auditoriums, factory workshops, etc.
3. Signal coverage of tunnels, highways, railways and urban subways.
4. Indoor signal coverage of large buildings and high-rise buildings.
Main Specifications
1. Frequency range: according to product series and customer requirements
2. Output power: 27-48dBm (0.5W-60W) according to customer requirements
3. Gain: 20-80dB produced according to customer requirements
4. Automatic level control range (ALC): ≥10dB
5. ATT adjustment range: 31dB
6. Voltage standing wave ratio: ≤1.3: 1
7, monitoring port functions: power detection, gain adjustment, temperature detection, standing wave detection, fault alarm
8. Power supply voltage: 28V

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