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IONTIS, E5000-130 electrostatic rod

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  • IONTIS, E5000-130 electrostatic rod

  • IONTIS, E5000-130 electrostatic rod

  • IONTIS, E5000-130 electrostatic rod

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Product introduction

IONTIS, E5000-130 electrostatic rods have been supplying European and American motors, fans, switches, encoders, flow meters, sensors, pH meters, pumps and other products for a long time. Use our professionalism for your satisfaction.
European procurement is headquartered in Cologne, Germany, and its warehouse is located in Frankfurt, Germany. In cooperation with German Airlines, it flies domestically at a fixed time (one week).

Detailed introduction

IONTIS, E5000-130 electrostatic rod


Our superior supply:

Kendri0n Binder--Germany 24130001 0MW516004A00 2451613A1 Vibration Sensor

Leuze Nr.67821804 SD2T30-450 Inductive Sensor

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ATLANTA 2029320 drive shaft

Turck RKM50-1X0R Nr: 6914079 bus module

Turck DTBI5U-M18E-AP4X3 Nr: 1582237 sensor

KUEBLER 8.0010.7000.0002 Accessories

Hawe BVG-3 R-G24 Hydraulic Transmission Valve

hydac EDS348-5-250-000 temperature sensor

Rexr0th Z2FS6-2-4X / 2QV valve

Murr 7000-50021-9610200 cable

PILZ 312010 PSSu H SB module

SR SYSTEM-ELEKTR0NIK GmbH R-FLAT 19 / 7-M (R-FLAT 19 / 3-M) industrial display panel

lechler 092.050.16.AL connector

SICK DT500-A111, 10-30V, N0.1026515 encoder

Aerzener 159353000 coupling

binks Bestellnr. PRV22-S-15 Regulator

FEINMETALL GmbH F78506B350G300L plug

Rexr0th HCS02.1E-W0054-A-03-NNNN driver module

SICK T4000-1KBA sensor

fischer DS21010A20BK0000U0005 250VAC 5A 0-0.6bar pressure sensor

Bender B94014002 RCM420-D-2 Insulation Tester

heidenhain R0D 436 2048 ID.NR.376837-02 encoder

Rexr0th 0811405102 VT-VRPA1-537-10 / V0 / PV-RTP amplifier board

parker 7029218032 PGM620B0260BT2L3VE5E5B1B1B1 gear pump

heidenhain 557647-17 scale

MDH2-20A02 module

BEKA BA 307 C digital display meter

Relec0 C4-A40X / AC230V R relay

balluff BES 516-300-S166-S49 inductive sensor

suc0 TYP: 10175 435 141 001 0.1-1ber, 250v ~ / 3a, IP65 pressure switch

FR0NIUS Deutschland GmbH 4.046.098. Automatic controller

Ac-m0t0ren Type FCA 56 B-4, Artikel: AC05B4200002 motor

EMS / BALLUFF HMS150HT / BIS M-134-10 / L-HT

Steimel SF 6/180 RD-LF pump

H0nsberg HD2KZ-025GM025E-SR + FLEX-HD2K-ITL0-SR flow sensor

Bucher QX61-200R pump

ABB J0KAB SAFETY 10-028-20 RT7A24VDC Relay

SIEMENS 6EP1 931-2EC21 Power Module

AT0S E-MI-AC-01F. Amplifier

heidenhain ERN1381 2048, 0ld ID: 313453-06, New ID: 727222-56 encoder

LIN0S G340060000 plane lens

TECALAN E18 / 14 sleeve

Turck WAS4-2 / S90 NR: 8007098 connector cable

Staubli HPX08.7103 / JV connector

SIEMENS 6SY7010-2AA03 module

Turck BL20-E-8D0-24VDC-0.5AP Nr: 6827226 bus module

Rexr0th 4WRZE32W8-520-7X / 6EG24N9K31 / A1D3M Proportional Valve

heidenhain LB382 ML = 3040mm, ± 5um, Id.: 315416-14, 3m cable scale

R0tech TPF2V3EMVAZ Inductive Sensor

Vahle GmbH & C0. KG KST2 / 40PH; ID-NR: 0168137 Carbon Brush

EFFEKTA ME 600 USB (ACX11MES60000USB) Power Module

Atech Antriebstechnik FS5033-CH0P.SEM-1 C 48/200 bus module

Murr 7000-40931-6350500 connecting wire

0H0 H0lland GmbH 0h02473 Non-Javelin Head

Bürklin 25 F 130 connector

R0fin 63.5811 (60V) pressure sensor

Balluff GmbH BES Q08ZE-PSC-20B-S49G Proximity Switch

PMA Pr0zess- und Maschinen-Aut0mati0n GmbH 9407 2460 3401 Thermostat

IFM SU7200 flowmeter

hydac HDA 3845-A-250-000 pressure transmitter

Rechner KS-250-M32 Proximity Switch

INA ZKLF40115-2Z-2AP bearing

Turck BS3511 / KLBUE4-31.5, Nr: 6827342 bus module

Ph0enix 1212127 pliers

steute 1179712 position switch

Turck PS250R-304-LI2UPN8X-H1141 N0.6833447 pressure sensor

Hengstler 551216 encoder

LAPP0RT Ident-Nr. 100275 F0RM 9010 16x8x150 Whetstone

ABB PFEA 112, IP20 Art-Nr: 3BSE050091R20 Tension sensor

hydac EDS 344-2-016-000 pressure switch

Sika VT2511MSHNS00007 + XVT2053 Turbo Flow Switch

Turck BI15U-CK40-VP6X2-H1141, 10-30V Nr: 1625620 proximity switch

schmalz vacuum chuck

DENIS0N R4V06-535-30-A1 relief valve

PILZ 774300 relay module

Mahle PI 2005-057 filter

Turck BI20-CP40-VP4X2 Nr: 15692 proximity switch

Elster Kr0mschr0eder GmbH DM 400Z150-160 flowmeter

hydac HDA 4440-A-250-012 pressure sensor

Turck ZWKP3-6 / S90, N0: 8013867 connector

Rexr0th R911281716 FIRMWARE FWA-EC0DR3-FGP-02VRS-MS fixture

HAHN + K0LB 52281005 Torque wrench

Knick 24206A2 0pt.336 isolation amplifier

heidenhain 243603-01 scale

hydac TFP100 (incl ZBE03) sensor

AirC0m FM-03_02 filter

Spieth MSW30.44 coupling

A weather vane is a device that measures the direction of the wind. The weather vane is basically an asymmetrically shaped object with the center of gravity fixed on the vertical axis. When the wind blows, the end that has greater resistance to the air flow will turn downwind, showing the wind direction. The metal weather vane is composed of six parts: wind vane, wind wheel, tail, moving rod, main rod, and base. The main part is made of high-quality stainless steel. The bearing has high sensitivity, low starting wind speed, and durability. The product has the characteristics of simple installation and convenient transportation, and is widely used in meteorology, chemical industry, mining area, agriculture, oil field exploration and other industries.
The pressure switch uses high-precision, high-stability pressure sensors and transmission circuits, and then uses special CPU modular signal processing technology to achieve the detection, display, alarm and control signal output of the medium pressure signal.
Bearing (Bearing) is an important component in contemporary machinery and equipment. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce the friction coefficient during its movement, and ensure its accuracy
A safety barrier is connected between the intrinsically safe circuit and the non-intrinsically safe circuit. A device that limits the voltage and current supplied to an intrinsically safe circuit within a certain safe range.
Aviation plugs are a type of connector that originated from the military industry, hence the name, aviation plug for short. The aviation plug is an electromechanical component connected to the electrical circuit, so its own electrical parameters are the first consideration when choosing an aviation plug. The correct selection and use of aviation plugs is an important aspect of circuit reliability.
Position switch, a kind of position switch (also known as limit switch), is a commonly used small current master appliance. The collision of the moving parts of the production machine is used to make the contacts move to realize the control circuit is turned on or off, to achieve a certain control purpose. Generally, this type of switch is used to limit the position or stroke of mechanical movement, so that the sports machine automatically stops, reverses, changes speed, or automatically moves back and forth according to a certain position or stroke.
Vacuum gauge (Vacuum Gauge), also known as vacuum gauge, is an instrument for measuring vacuum or air pressure. Generally, the measurement of gas pressure is made by the change of a certain physical effect of the gas under different pressures. It is widely used in scientific research and industrial production.
A gas spring is an industrial accessory that can perform functions such as support, cushioning, braking, height adjustment, and angle adjustment. It consists of the following parts: pressure cylinder, piston rod, piston, seal guide sleeve, filler (inert gas or oil and gas mixture), in-cylinder control element and out-of-cylinder control element (referred to controllable gas spring) and joints. The principle is to fill an inert gas or oil-gas mixture in a closed pressure cylinder, so that the pressure in the cavity is several times or dozens of times higher than the atmospheric pressure, and the cross-sectional area of the piston rod is smaller than the pressure generated by the piston. To achieve the movement of the piston rod.
The torque limiter is an independent, completely computer-controlled, safe operating system that can automatically detect the mass being hoisted by the crane and the angle of the boom, and can display its rated load and actual load, working radius, lifting capacity The angle of the heavy arm. Real-time monitoring and inspection of crane working conditions, with built-in diagnostic function, rapid danger alarm and safety control. With a black box function, it automatically records the dangerous working conditions during operation, providing a basis for accident analysis and processing.
Probes are sensors, which include resonant sensors, broadband sensors, waterproof sensors, high temperature sensors, and low temperature sensors. Probes play an important role in eddy current sensor systems.
ZCQ alcohol pump is a self-priming magnetically driven centrifugal pump. It is an improved pump that uses the working principle of traditional permanent magnet couplings to transfer torque without contact. It must be leak-free and self-priming for the transportation of alcohol.
The increment of displacement per unit time is velocity. Speed includes linear velocity and angular velocity. Corresponding to them are the linear velocity sensor and the angular velocity sensor. We are collectively referred to as velocity sensors.
The working part of the vibrator is a rod-shaped hollow cylinder, which is equipped with an eccentric vibrator. It rotates at high speed under the driving of a motor to generate high-frequency micro-amplitude vibration. The vibration frequency can reach 12000 ~ 15000 times / min. Simple and long life. Suitable for vibrating beams, columns, walls and other components and bulk concrete.
Power filter is a filter circuit composed of capacitor, inductor and resistor. The filter can effectively filter out a frequency point of a specific frequency in the power line or a frequency outside the frequency point to obtain a power signal of a specific frequency, or eliminate a power signal of a specific frequency.
The motor controller is an integrated circuit that controls the motor to work according to the set direction, speed, angle, and response time through active work. CNC programmable stepper motor controller can be combined with stepper motor driver and stepper motor to form a complete stepper motor control system, which can control three stepper motors to run in a time-sharing manner. The controller uses a computer-based programming language and has input. , Output, count and other instructions. It has the characteristics of flexible programming and wide application range, and can be widely used in various control automation fields.
The foot switch is a switch that controls the on / off of the circuit by stepping on or off the foot. It is used in a control circuit that cannot be reached by both hands to replace the hands to achieve the purpose of operation. Foot switches are widely used in medical equipment, stamping equipment, welding equipment, textile equipment, and printing machinery.
The accumulator is an energy storage device in a hydro-pneumatic system. It converts the energy in the system into compression energy or potential energy at the appropriate time and stores it. When the system needs it, it converts the compression energy or potential energy into hydraulic or pneumatic energy to release it and resupply it to the system. When the system pressure increases momentarily, it can absorb this part of the energy to ensure that the entire system pressure is normal.

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