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Monitor front-end lightning protection

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  • Monitor front-end lightning protection

  • Monitor front-end lightning protection

  • Monitor front-end lightning protection

Product reference price: ¥ 1.00 Report
AL-20K-6631-P20N Product model: AL-20K-6631-P20N
中山市澳美高电子 Brand: Zhongshan Aomeigao Electronics
生产商 Manufacturer Nature: Producer
中山市 Location: Zhongshan
2019-11-28 14:49:21 Updated: 2019-11-28 14:49:21
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Product introduction

Features of front-end lightning protection products

Detailed introduction

Monitor front-end lightning protection

product name

Monitor front-end lightning protection

Product ID


Product number


Power parameters

Operating Voltage AC 220V
Maximum working voltage AC 275V
Nominal discharge current 9kA (8 / 20μS)
Discharge current 18kA (8 / 20μS)
Response time ≤25nS
Load power ≤1.0kW

Network signal parameters

Operating Voltage 3V
Short-circuit current 2.5kA (8 / 20μS)
Open circuit voltage 5kV (1.2 / 20μS)
Transfer rate 100 / 100Mbps
Response time ≤1nS

Product configuration

①The input terminal is equipped with a wiring method②The output terminal is equipped with a wiring method and a five-hole socket × 1 ③Ground / equal potential port

Product Size

a40 × b92 × c96mm

warranty period

Three years

shell material

Aluminum alloy

Installation method

Hanging installation

Product Features

Monitor front-end equipment network and power supply lightning protection


Using DDW equipotential lightning-free ground wire technology

Applicable industry and scope

Equipment for monitoring front-end network transmissions such as Safe City / Xueliang Engineering / Factory District

弱电传输系统防雷技术解决方案供应商,专注于公共建设系统的网络传输稳定领域,坚持稳健经营,持续改进、开放合作,在有线电视、安防监控、电力自动抄表、道路卡口等网络传输领域构筑了安全稳定的解决方案优势,为运营商客户、工程商客户、公建项目使用单位提供有竞争力的网络传输安全稳定解决方案、产品和服务,并致力于未来的智慧城市,构建更智能更安全的社会环境。 AoMeigao is a provider of lightning protection technology solutions for weak electricity transmission systems. It focuses on the network transmission stability field of public construction systems, adheres to stable operations, continuous improvement, and open cooperation. And other network transmission fields have established a secure and stable solution advantage, providing operators, engineering customers, and public construction project users with competitive network transmission security and stability solutions, products, and services, and are committed to future wisdom Cities, building a smarter and safer social environment.

corporate vision

Co-construction of intelligent network transmission is stable, creating a safe social environment.

Our Mission

Committed to the security of network transmission systems in the public construction field, promoting the construction of stable networks, and ensuring the security of smart city system operations.


Guided by customer needs, providing advanced services to customers with advanced intelligent technology and stable excellent solutions,

Achieve common progress and share the results between Ausmerica and stakeholders.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Work hard, improve spirit, sense of responsibility, sense of worry, work in harmony.

corporate philosophy

Create an unlimited and stable network transmission operation environment.

Corporate purposes

Satisfaction of stakeholders and happiness for employees.

信号防雷器 信号 +电源防雷器防雷箱自动合闸漏电保护器浪涌保护器 网络避雷器 Main Products: Power Lightning Arrester Signal Lightning Arrester Signal + Power Lightning Arrester Lightning Box Automatic Closure Leakage Protector Surge Protector

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