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High power remote horn tweeter

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  • High power remote horn tweeter

  • High power remote horn tweeter

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  • 立万兆 Brand Gigabit
  • 生产商 Manufacturer nature
  • 深圳市 Location Shenzhen

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Product introduction

High-power remote horn [tweeter], 150W tweeter [horn] Product parameters:
HF unit: 4.25'75 core tweeter, titanium diaphragm compression driver, neodymium magnetic low frequency unit: 15'220 magnetic 100 core IF speaker, neodymium magnetic frequency range: 100Hz-16kHz (± 3dB)
Available frequency: 75kHz-20kHz (-10dB)
Sensitivity: 98db-105db
Loud sound pressure level: 137dB SPL
Directivity: 90 ° * 45 °

Detailed introduction

High-power remote horn [tweeter], 150W tweeter [horn] Shenzhen Liwan trillion Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. serves Li high-power remote horn [tweeter], 150W tweeter [horn] is widely used in hotels, restaurants, large venues, Commercial buildings, factories, garden communities, schools, supermarkets, fast food restaurants, cafes, stations, docks, tourist attractions, movie theaters, stadiums, parking lots, squares, government buildings and other places.

High power remote horn [tweeter], 150W tweeter [horn] square outdoor active horn horn High power remote horn [tweeter], 150W tweeter [horn] , rural active horn horn, playground active horn horn, park Active horn horns, stadium active horn horns are inseparable from him. He can't live without music and TV. It is a modern electronic technology enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of audio series products such as public broadcasting. Over the years of the company's establishment, in line with the purpose of "independent research and development of core technology, development of high-quality and stable products", set years of industry experience, continuous innovation, the rapid development of pilot broadcasting industry, so that products can adapt to the needs of technological development of the times. Is a professional public broadcasting manufacturer.

High-power remote horn [tweeter], 150W tweeter [horn] The company is constantly committed to the development of new products. The public broadcasting system is the company's unique dedication and the leading brand in the broadcasting industry. With its advanced and practical functions, it realizes the automation, digitization and personalization of public broadcasting, allowing users to truly appreciate the high-quality enjoyment of public broadcasting systems.

High-power remote horn [tweeter], 150W tweeter [horn] Product series: IP network broadcast series, intelligent broadcast series, conference system, portable teaching system, active speaker series, indoor and outdoor sound column series, ceiling speaker series, wall hanging Speaker series, garden speaker series, cabinet and other accessories.

High-power remote horn [tweeter], 150W tweeter [horn] Product features: advanced product design, beautiful appearance, stable performance, complete functions, can meet the broadcasting needs of various places, and has been widely used in government agencies, tourism Scenic areas, parks, squares, smart communities, businesses, hotels, factories, schools, stations, airports, highways, shopping malls, docks, stadiums and other places.

High-power remote horn [tweeter], 150W tweeter [horn] After-sales service: The company has a perfect after-sales service system, and promises three-year warranty and lifetime maintenance for the main products it operates.

High-power remote horn [tweeter], 150W tweeter [horn] value-added services: We not only provide customers with high-quality products, but also tailor-made products (OEM / ODM) for other manufacturers, and have won many famous manufacturing Business trust and become a long-term partner.

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